3 Benefits of Lead Generation Marketing

There are many channels and marketing tools for digital marketers to use to get consumers to notice their brand. If your business operates best when communicating with consumers over the phone, lead generation marketing can deliver a number of advantages. These benefits will not only boost your overall marketing efforts, but it will help you connect with consumers over the phone exactly when and where you want them.



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What is Lead Generation Marketing?

Like all forms of marketing, lead generation marketing is about stimulating the interest of consumers in a product or service and then capturing that interest by getting those consumers to reach out directly to your company. Lead generation takes on various forms and can be deployed across various channels to effectively draw consumers into your business. Regardless, the lead generation process follows a general set of steps across all channels:

  1. Consumers discover your brand online through your website, a blog post, your social media page, or even an online ad.

  2. That visitor then clicks on a call-to-action found within the content, such as a button, sign up, or even a click-to-call symbol.

  3. Assuming the consumer didn’t use the click-to-call button, they end up on a landing page where they can learn more. Here they can again interact with a click-to-call button or fill out a lead form so your business can reach out to them.

In the end, the goal of lead generation is to, as the name suggests, generate leads for your company to work with. In the context of pay-per-call, this means they reach out to you directly by calling you, or they request that you call them.

Still not convinced that lead generation is right for your business? Here are 3 reasons why you should be using it.

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Generate Awareness for Your Brand

Brand awareness refers to how well-known your product, service, and/or brand name are among potential consumers. This is particularly true in your target market groups. You can use lead generation marketing to educate and inform your target market about what your business offers to consumers. If customers don’t know about your brand or what you offer, then they won’t know where to turn for their needs. If calls are your main focus, your lead generation marketing content should always include your company phone number. Remember to include a click-to-call option for mobile viewers so that they can quickly and easily connect to your brand.

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Accurately Target Desired Customers

Just like other forms of digital marketing, lead generation can help you target a desired customer base. The most important factor you will want to use at first is the demographic location of your target audience. This can reduce your potential target pool and make it clear which customers are most likely to convert into a lead. In a Pay Per Call campaign, using unique phone numbers for lead generation content in different geographic locations can help you narrow down where the most calls are coming from. This helps to demonstrate where you should be focusing your lead generation marketing.

Delivers Benefits to you and your Brand

Finally, lead generation marketing is beneficial to both sides of the equation. Once you’ve accurately narrowed your desired customer base, you can save time and money by targeting ads in the future to customers who have already given you permission to do so by interacting with your brand. These consumers have already shown interest in your product or service, and therefore are more likely to interact with your brand in the future. For the buyer, lead generation marketing delivers information customers need to make a decision and offers them a quick option for connecting to the business right when they are ready to take action.

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