3 Methods to Drive More Calls that are Absent from Your Pay Per Call

With BIA/Kelsey predicting that 162 billion phone calls will be placed to businesses from smartphones by 2019, you’ve no doubt begun to realize the value of Pay Per Call campaigns in your marketing arsenal. From data analysis on call conversions to click-to-call features that make it easier for consumers to connect with your business, you’re all-in on Pay Per Call.

However, acknowledging the value of Pay Per Call and taking advantage are two different concepts. If your efforts have not generated the results you were hoping for to date, maybe you’re missing one (or all) of these three methods in your Pay Per Call campaign that can help drive more calls.

Use Phone Numbers in Offline Campaigns

Although consumers are using smartphones for everything from social media to playing games, calling remains the most popular function of the smartphone. Even Millennials, who aren’t given their due credit for communication, prefer calling or messaging from their phone over any other function, with 37% reporting making five or more calls a day on their devices.

Despite this deep connection to their mobile device, you can still generate interest among consumers through offline campaigns as well. Direct mailers should always include your number in bold lettering. Mailers give you physical space to present your brand/services/products, and the option to put your number in front of consumer eyeballs. They can learn quick and call with questions, making offline efforts a valuable asset.

Mobile Emails Still Matter

Given the frequency with which consumers use their smartphones on a daily basis, it makes perfect sense to use mobile emails to drive more calls. Similar to offline campaigns, you can send them information with more physical space to promote your brand. Taking the action a step further, mobile emails allow you to include a click-to-call button that directs consumers straight from an email to your call center without wasting time on lead forms and landing pages.

Don’t Forget to Test Your Message

CTAs are included in every marketing and advertising pitch, and that includes Pay Per Call campaigns. However, simply setting up a campaign and never testing different approaches will leave you with mediocre results at best. Something as simple as different font colors or larger font sizes can make a significant difference. So don’t forget to test your CTAs on a regular basis to see which combinations of color, size, and number location provide the best volume of calls.

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