6 Reasons Your Business Needs Pay Per Call Marketing

More small businesses are turning to the benefits of Pay Per Call marketing each day. This is a trend that has been growing for the past several years and while large businesses are utilizing this technique as well, it is small businesses that are truly taking advantage of the benefits that Pay Per Call have to offer. Read on to find out why Pay Per Call for small businesses can be an appealing option…


Small businesses typically have small advertising budgets. Having tight control over what is spent is essential. When Pay Per Call is used for lead generation they can avoid spending money to create elaborate websites or costly SEO in order to attract new customers. Pay per call advertising also provides tracking capabilities so businesses know exactly what they are spending, avoid the surprise of a larger bill than expected.

Geographical Area Targeting

Since a small, regional business is only able to work in their specific geographical area, it is often a waste of money to pay for a website that is drawing in traffic from all over the world. You can specify the exact zip codes that you want to have calls from giving you an extremely targeted base of potential customers.

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ROI Tracking Capability

When you utilize pay per call advertising, you can track your actual ROI, just as you would with a pay per click campaign. If you have limited resources, this tool can be invaluable because it will show you if your efforts are paying off.

Value of the Call

Lead quality is easily determined by the duration of a call. The longer the call, the better potential of actually making a sale. This means that when you receive a call from a customer, the money you paid will be well worth the investment, as you will have a highly qualified lead.

Mobile Success

Small businesses have moved past purchasing low cost, high volume leads, since they rarely turn into a conversion. Now these businesses want customized advertising programs that will provide high quality leads, even if it means a lower volume. Even when there are a lower volume of calls, small businesses are able to make more money than in the past because the calls are highly qualified.

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Specialized and Targeted Markets

Pay Per Call marketing is able to be highly specialized, which means small businesses can feel confident that the calls they receive are exactly what they are looking for. This specialization has worked to increase the value of Pay Per Call marketing, as well.

Increasing your targeted and qualified leads is beneficial for any small business, and a benefit that can pay off big time for small businesses that are tired of sinking their money in to marketing efforts that just don’t work.

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