4 Unique Ways SMBs Can Use Pay Per Call Marketing

Pay Per Call marketing holds massive potential for small businesses. Big businesses may have the advantage of large marketing budgets, but small businesses can compete by maximizing their dollars with Pay Per Call. Here are 4 reasons why your small business should be using Pay Per Call.

Use Pay Per Call For High-Ticket Sales

Pay Per Call can add up quickly. If your product/service has a low-ticketed price, you may not see a high ROI. Instead, use Pay Per Call for high-ticket sales that will deliver hyper-targeted calls which are more likely to convert. Unlike the low conversion rate of clicks, calls have an estimated 30-50% conversion rate. The higher cost is worth the price if you see a higher ROI from qualified leads.

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Longer Call Times

The longer the call, the more questions you can ask to qualify your customers. Serious clients will be asking relevant questions if they are truly intent on purchasing. This means your time and money is being well spent.

Have Your Geo-Location Clearly Defined

Having a finely tuned geo-location will allow publishers to effectively narrow out consumers who aren’t within your target location. A smaller area means your ad will only appear to customers that will actually be interested in coming to your store or office. For those that offer home services, it means a lower response time and happy customers! Not only that, but proper geo-targeting results in your conversions increasing and the cost per conversion decreasing.

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Communicate Regularly within Your Exchange!

Like any business, the key to success is to be in constant contact with your Account Managers and Partners. Your Account Manager will be able to advise you on how to maximize your advertising money and help troubleshoot any road blocks you come across.

Pay Per Call is a rewarding avenue helping small businesses receive sales ready inbound calls. The high ROI and increased conversion rates make the initial higher costs worth the investment.

Get started with Pay Per Call today!