4 Ways Lawyers Can Drive Business Using Pay Per Call Marketing

As a lawyer, your communication skills are one of your most important assets. This means that getting in front of the client and talking to them as soon as possible is in your best interest. While other methods of marketing are definitely encouraged and effective – pay per click, blogs, online marketing in general, print ads, billboards – your bread and butter is going to the marketing methods that put you in touch with your target market as quickly as possible. This is where Pay Per Call comes in, but only if it’s executed properly. You want your campaign to target your potential clients at the right moment. This means that they are ready to act and you are ready to talk. We’ll go over some details on setting up a campaign that will work for you. (Keep in mind that, if you want to really refine this campaign and maximize your results, partnering with a company like RingPartner.com is your best bet. They’ll help set up the ads, the geo targeting; behind the scenes, they’ll take care of the analytics and refining of the details to maximize your performance and profits.)

Design The Ad

This might sound basic, but it’s not. You have to really know who your prospect is in order to design an ad that gets them to act: to pick up the phone and call. If you just put out an ad that sounds good, it’s going to miss the mark. Your prospect will give it little more then a shrug and go on to the next ad. Know your prospect in detail so that your ad elicits an emotional reaction out of them to makes them call you immediately.

Don’t Cast a Wide Net

If you’re a law firm that offers a variety of legal services, you’re going to need multiple ads for each specific service. You want to target your specific market, not cast a wide net. ‘All you legal needs’ is too vague, but specifying divorce law, real estate law, etc. will trigger your prospects attention. ‘Hey, that’s exactly what I need!’ No one ever says ‘That’s generally what I need!’ In addition to that, you’ll want those ads specifically targeted even further for each state, city, county, and/or town that you serve. Again, small targets not a wide net.

Know How To Track & Analyze

This all can ad up, so each ad needs to be assigned it’s own tracking code so that you’r able to track and analyze the performance of the ads. View the clicks, views, and call ratios and understand what needs to be tweaked to improve your conversions. To improve your conversions even more, you can assign each ad it’s own 800 number. You can have individual agents (as needed) trained on responding and converting specific prospects that call in. The ad can generate a lot of calls for you, but the ultimate deal closer is going to be who answers that phone. Make sure they are trained and have a clear understanding on what the goal of the phone call is.

Answer The Phone!

You want your phone ringing when you are there to answer it, not when you’re home having dinner. Make sure that you not only assign specific hours for your ads to run, but that someone is at the phone and ready to answer during those hours! The more organized and strategic your campaign is, the better it will perform and the easier it will be to make adjustments. RingPartner.com specializes in all of that and much, much more. Your campaign will be their full time job, allowing you to focus on the meat of your business.