5 Benchmark Statistics for Digital Marketing in 2017

Digital marketing is a fickle business. Once you think you have your digital marketing campaigns on track to success, you too often realize that your entire plan (or parts thereof) need to be retooled to actually provide you with the boost in sales and ROI you are looking for in your marketing efforts. Here’s a collection of benchmark statistics that should help you keep your 2017 marketing campaigns focused throughout the year.

Perception vs. Reality

According to Unlockd, 84% of mobile marketers believe that they are providing their consumers with a positive experience when interacting with their brand. However, less than half of those same consumers report actually enjoying a positive experience. Believing without verifying means nothing, so take the time to analyze and monitor your marketing efforts!

The Difference in Perceptions Matters

Building upon that first point, MicKinsey & Company found that 61% of mobile users are unlikely to return to your site if they’ve had a negative experience. What could hurt your business even more is the fact that 40% of those users will go to a competitor’s site, meaning you not only missed out on a conversion, but the competition benefited as a result.

Social Media is Important to Your Digital Marketing

Consumers aren’t just doing more stuff on their mobile devices, they’re using social media increasingly as a part of their buying journey. Whether it’s reading reviews from other customers or learning more about your brand from your profile, when social media is part of the journey to purchase, customers tend to convert at a rate that is 129% higher than other forms.

Quality Content Builds a Voice

We recently posted a piece on the value of content marketing, but it’s worth repeating it’s importance when it comes to helping your brand build and maintain a loyal following based upon your brand voice. Econsultancy found that 73% of consumers viewed content with a strong personality positively in forming loyal brand relationships. Further, 85% of the most successful content marketers delivered quality content consistently to readers.

Invest in Video

The world is full of visual learners, and video is expected to account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2019. In the United States, video is expected to account for 85% of internet traffic by the same point in time.

If you keep a close eye on these benchmark statistics during your digital marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to highlight the value-add areas of your marketing campaign and ensure that these vital cogs in your marketing machine perform at peak levels to help increase online traffic, build a loyal following, and generate positive ROI.


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