5 Benefits to Using Customized IVRs

Interactive Voice Response systems, or IVRs, are a beneficial element available to any business using Pay Per Call. Brands use Pay Per Call to drive more calls for the business, but what good are those increased call volumes if the company is not prepared to deal with the increased call volumes. IVRs bring a lot of benefits to companies, especially when customized routes and systems are used. Here’s five benefits businesses can expect to enjoy from customized IVRs.

Improved Call Segmentation

There are many businesses that can get by with providing customers with personalized IVRs that don’t involve ever speaking to a live individual. For example, if a business can collect payments over the phone, customized IVRs make it quick and easy for customers to settle those issues. However, in other cases it may be beneficial for customers to speak to an actual person. Customized IVRs enable a company to accurately direct and segment callers between the automated portions of IVRs and live customer support via the phone.

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Prioritize Incoming Calls

On a similar note, IVRs help companies prioritize the incoming calls received on a daily basis. In practice, every phone call to a business is important to the bottom line as a sign of interest and value from Pay Per Call. That does not, however, mean that all Pay Per Call callers have equal importance in terms of their likelihood to convert. Customized IVRs can help identify particular clients and prioritize their order in terms of service. For example, prioritization factors include customer tiers (think frequent shoppers or club members), those customers with past experience with the brand, or even those with strategic importance, such as those calling from particular area codes.

Reduce Cost Per Transaction

Customizing IVRs for a business can help reduce the cost per transaction from Pay Per Call campaigns and other digital marketing efforts. IVRs mean fewer people monitoring phones, less equipment to invest in, and less office space to pay for. However, just because a company saves money in those areas does not mean the customer support experience for callers is sacrificed. Customers still get a positive and beneficial experience when calling the brand, and the company saves money with a streamlined system that enables reinvestment in the brand using the money saved.

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Superior Analytics

Data is a critical driver in modern digital marketing. Pay Per Call campaigns that direct callers to IVRs provide a treasure trove of data. Using call segmentation (see above) provides the brand with information on the most popular options within IVRs, questions often raised by callers, and issues brought to light. Companies can use a well-tailored, customized IVR system to collect data that helps improve the business overall.

Happier Customers

Without a doubt though, the greatest benefit of IVRs delivers a better customer experience overall. Happy customers make a purchase one time, and keep coming back to a business when they have a similar need in the future. Customized IVRs that accurately segment calls and prioritize incoming calls based upon select factors makes the experience of calling a business more enjoyable for customers. Rather than wasting time and/or getting upset, callers get the help they need when they need it most, without hassle.

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