5 Benefits to Using Landing Pages for Lead Generations

One of the most common forms of lead generation is a landing page. As the name suggests, a landing page is a designed web page that links within your performance marketing schemes direct viewers to after they click on a clink. Lead generation is important to marketing, but hearing that and reading about the benefits are two different things. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so let’s walk through five benefits landing pages bring to lead generation efforts.

1. Increase Conversions

Performance marketing’s primary goal is to generate measurable results for each marketing dollar spent. One of the top benefits of landing pages is the ability to increase conversions as part of a marketing campaign. Landing pages are specifically tailored to get visitors to take a certain action. The goal of landing page is to feature content that funnels visitors toward a specific action, whether that’s signing up for an email list or taking advantage of a limited-time purchase offer.

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2. Establish Credibility

A good landing page can also help a business establish its credibility early and bring in customers to a growing business. Because the focus of a landing page is specific, it showcases for visitors a brand’s understanding of what is bothering them and how the company’s product/service can help solve the problem.

3. Enhance Brand Awareness

A well-designed landing page can improve the impression that visitors have of the brand. The ideal landing page has a style, look, and feel to the copy and design that is consistent with all of the other marketing materials of the company. This is important to lead generation in particular because it can help link all marketing materials together across the web. When consumers see the content or copy on a landing page, and then see similar designs and content elsewhere, it will call to mind the brand. In this way, it increases the brand awareness and makes them more likely to turn to the brand again when they are in need.

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4. Log User Information

The point of all performance marketing is to generate a specific action out of consumers. In order to know the problems consumers face and what can help solve those issues, performance marketers need greater insight on the consumers the brand is targeting. Using quick forms on a landing page can help log the user information a company needs to target its consumers. The forms on a landing page can be used to collect important user information such as demographics, location, and social preferences that can be used to improve future performance marketing campaigns.

5. Conduct A/B Tests & Constantly Improve

Landing pages are a great way to improve performance marketing as a whole because it allows brands to tinker with content, style layouts, copy, keywords, and other information that draws in consumers. By creating multiple landing pages, companies can test out how different styles and copy content work when targeting consumers. As one landing page is tested against another, it is possible to see which formats test the best with consumers. Once that is narrowed down, it is easier to move forward with the best content and continue to draw in more consumers.

Landing pages are an easy tool to use in marketing. By incorporating landing pages into performance marketing, companies can learn more about target consumers and better generate leads.

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