5 Stats That Paint A Clear Picture of The Customer Journey

The business world is a numbers game. How much of a profit can your business turn while still paying employees and covering expenses? That’s just one example of the numbers game. Numbers also apply to your marketing campaigns. Pay Per Call campaigns work best when you fully understand the customer journey, from the moment a thought pops into their mind through to the final purchase. Here are five stats that will help you better understand the customer journey.

Smartphones and TV, a Match Made in Heaven

If you thought TV ads and infomercials had lost their appeal, it might be time to pump the breaks. Pay Per Call was born on television in the form of infomercials, and consumers are still relying on the old tube to launch purchases. According to Google, 66% of smartphone users hop on their phones to research something they just saw in a TV commercial.

Business Shoppers Like Social Media

If your business works heavily in the B2B market, you better have a strong social media presences and demonstrate an ability to maintain a positive relationship with your consumers online. DemandBase found that 53% of B2B buyers research a firm on social media before making a purchase.

Local Searches Lead to Purchases

An astonishing 4 out of 5 local searches on mobile devices lead to a purchase from brands, and surprisingly, it’s not always digital. Search Engine Watch found that 73% of those purchases are completed at brick-and-mortar stores, making it critical that you optimize your marketing campaigns for local search results.

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People Like the Phone

Online lead forms may be growing in popularity and, together with email, offer an appealing option for consumers looking to make contact with businesses. But sometimes, people just really want that personal connection. According to Google, 62% of consumers find it extremely helpful to have the option to call your business during the purchasing stage. If you want to close sales and boost revenue, make your phone number easy to find and easier to call.

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Direct Calls Linked to High-Value Purchases

The previous point is driven home by this statistic: 67% of online shoppers like to call a business directly for a purchase over $100. If they are going to shell out big money to your company, they want to feel a greater sense of comfort than what is provided by a few words on a webpage.