5 Local Businesses Benefiting From Pay Per Call Marketing

Without a doubt, the extraordinary upsides of Pay Per Call marketing have become increasingly well known in the past year. Major companies as well as the mercenary marketers that make their living promoting the goods and services of the corporate titans are enthusiastic supporters of the technology. What few realize is that SMBs are the greatest beneficiaries of Pay Per Call in terms of pure ROI. Here are five kinds of businesses that can skyrocket their revenues with call-based promotion.

Hotels & Restaurants

For most businesses in the service industry, there’s a hard floor on input costs that’s difficult to lower. Consequently, the only way to really succeed is to increase sales at all costs. With so much competition in the hotel and food service sectors, attracting the right clientèle consistently is the key to greatly exceeding the break-even point. Pay Per Call advertising is the perfect way to attract immediate leads that are highly likely to convert.

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General Contracting & Landscaping

Working as an independent contractor or landscaper can be quite lucrative depending on the specific niche in question. However, even experienced contractors can sometimes underestimate how important the marketing variable in the overall profit equation can be. With the right call-based promotional campaigns, contractors can quickly generate many local leads that are looking for immediate quotes on potentially costly jobs. Pay Per Call ads excel at identifying the right home improvement customers for any given contractor.

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Real Estate Sales

Even the best real estate agents need to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to advertising their services to the local populace. Earning generous commissions comes squarely down to finding prospective home buyers who’re most likely to convert without a lot of overhead or hassle. Pay Per Call marketing is highly effective insofar as locating said buyers is concerned. Beyond the local market, Pay Per Call can attract out-of-state customers that are relocating.

Automotive Repair

Competent mechanics can clean up simply by doing a good job and running an honest, above-board enterprise. Mechanics interested in taking their operations to the next level need to focus on finding more lucrative repair jobs that offer the best financial return on their time. By employing the services of affiliate publishers and their supporting ad networks, automotive professionals can outsource the advertising portion of their business in a cost-effective manner without making a huge investment.

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Legal Representation

Of all the small-time local businesses that can benefit from Pay Per Call, legal practices are the most likely to reap the rewards of a concerted mobile advertising effort. Thanks to the specificity of the medium, attorneys can use Pay Per Call campaigns to fine-tune their approach when courting potential clients. When time is money, Pay Per Call is effectively the best way for local lawyers to narrow their marketing funnel and find the right clients to represent.

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Making the Dream a Reality

Clearly, Pay Per Call marketing is more than capable of exploding the profits of local SMBs in short order. Nevertheless, your Pay Per Call success isn’t guaranteed even if you own a potentially high-margin business. To really hit a home run, you’ll need to partner up with the appropriate Pay Per Call exchange. A proven exchange and its legions of no-nonsense publishers can often be the difference between mediocre results and returns that are the stuff of legends.