5 Mobile Pay Per Call Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague

At this point, you probably understand the selling points of Pay Per Call whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner testing the waters. The statistics speak for themselves as far as the effectiveness of Pay Per Call goes. Unfortunately, there’s no guidebook that tells you exactly how to master the medium. Mobile Pay Per Call marketing can be a tricky can of worms. Avoiding the following faux pas can be the key to your eventual success.

Pestering Your Potential Mobile Audience

It’s all too easy to go overboard when pushing a product or service. It’s one thing to put your promoted brand out there and be highly visible. It’s another thing entirely to clobber your target audience over the head with your message. When in doubt, start off slow and incrementally ramp up your marketing volume as you go to avoid message overexposure. As you’re accelerating your efforts, keep an eye on analytics feedback to find the sweet spot.

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Casting an Overly Wide Net

Taking a shotgun approach to your Pay Per Call campaigns isn’t often a brilliant idea. In addition to decreasing your overall ROI and providing you with potentially dubious feedback, it can negatively impact your long term prospects. By failing to narrow your approach, your mobile Pay Per Call efforts can come off as spammy and lacking in quality. Spend a little more time segmenting your potential audience and pursuing each niche more seriously.

Ignoring the Non-Mobile Side

Though your campaigns may be purely mobile, there’s a good chance that you’ll unintentionally pick up plenty of non-mobile leads along the way. Location-based campaigns are by their nature fairly platform-independent. Though the current trend is to throw one’s full weight behind mobile, it’s important to remember that desktop traffic is far from dead. The point is that you need to take into account backwards compatibility when making the transition to a largely mobile future.

Not Maximizing Campaign ROI

You wouldn’t think that maximizing profits per lead or per campaign would matter a lot with Pay Per Call. It might seem at first glance like a better use of one’s time would be to quickly find the most lucrative campaigns possible, generate as much gross revenue as possible and ditch campaigns when they peter out. However, getting the most bang for your buck allows you to allocate limited resources to other efforts even if they’re purely experimental.

Allowing Complacency to Set In

As one of the most cutting-edge sectors of the web marketing industry, Pay Per Call is a rapidly evolving field that’s always in flux. What works this month could become antiquated a lot quicker than you might imagine. If you want to reap the great potential rewards of Pay Per Call, you have to be willing to take risks and occasionally fail. Basically, both publishers and advertisers alike should be constantly pushing the envelope.

Bonus: Preventing Missteps Before They Occur

It’s a lot easier to prevent campaign misfires than it is to fix them. The flubs we’ve explored above aren’t the only dangers you’ll encounter on the path to Pay Per Call domination. However, they’re a good summation of the major hiccups that’ll probably derail your efforts. A good support system makes all the difference in the world, so select your Pay Per Call network with care.

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