5 More Quick Ad Copy Tips for Pay Per Call Publishers

If you’re like most Pay Per Call players, the vast majority of your leads come from search ads. Though the competition is often fierce, the rewards of a winning Pay Per Call campaign that relies on search ads can be astounding. Writing effective ad copy is therefore a critical concern. You can get a substantial leg up on the competition by carefully refining your ad copy approaches. Heed the following copywriting advice to more accurately target your audiences.

Trim the Linguistic Fat

Probably one of the biggest mistakes that rookie Pay Per Call marketing publishers make is overloading their copy with keywords. When crafting new ads, err on the side of minimalism to start. You can always add keywords and flesh out the body of your ads as need be later on. Try out any new ad copy for at least a week to get some feedback to play with and use analytics to fine-tune your work.

Emphasize Consumer Benefits

All too often, marketers focus on pushy pitches using aggressive calls to action that fail to emphasize the benefits of a product or service. The ability to persuasively highlight the upsides of an offer in the fewest words possible is the mark of a truly great copywriter. Before you pen your next search ad, think about what the offer in question really brings to the table from the point of view of a potential lead.

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Adopt the Lingo of Serious Shoppers

Every subculture has its own particular lexicon that distinguishes the experts from those that don’t really know what they’re talking about. You can use that distinction to your advantage when planning your next Pay Per Call campaign and the ad copy that will propel it to overwhelming success. Take some time to learn the lingo of serious buyers in your offer’s niche and employ that language to target people more likely to buy.

Maintain Keyword Consistency

One of the most bewildering errors that Pay Per Call marketers make is neglecting to use the same keywords on ads and the landing pages they point towards. If searchers click on an ad based on its unique copy and find a landing page that doesn’t feature the same language, they’ll be confused and more likely to bounce. Don’t use niche keywords to propel your ads to the top of the search engine results page (SERP) unless they match your landing pages.

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Target the End of the Buying Cycle

Using search ads to go after window shoppers is a massive waste of time both for you and the advertisers you’re working for. In any niche, there’s a certain set of buying questions that prospective customers will be asking right before they’re ready to pull the trigger. Make your keywords revolve around those questions. If you need to dig into the Long Tail of your niche to achieve a favourable return on investment (ROI), so be it.

Tighter Text for Greater Returns

Even the most seemingly trivial changes to your ad copy can yield amazing results when applied judiciously. The tips mentioned above can significantly boost the ROI of your search ads. Of course, there’s far more to running a winning Pay Per Call campaign than mere copy tweaking. The Pay Per Call ad network that you choose to work with will often times be the most important determinant of your success in the long run.

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