5 Pay Per Call Marketing Campaign Mistakes to Avoid

When implemented properly, your mobile performance marketing efforts can be extremely lucrative. However, before you become blinded by all of the dollar signs, you should ensure you avoid the most common mistakes. In many cases, pay per call marketers do not maximize their commission potential due to rookie mistakes. With a little insight and information you can avoid these profit draining mishaps.

Not Understanding the Campaign

One of the most common mistakes that is seen is not taking the time required to fully understand the actual campaign. If you do not do any research past the keywords, you may not fully understand the type of consumer that is being targeted by the campaign. There are a large number of people that do not even look at the campaign, pass over the details and as a result kill the conversion rate. One example of this would be sending potential nursing student’s information regarding a business degree; there is a simple fix: Do your homework!

Not Knowing who the Potential Customer Is

A successful mobile performance marketer will be able to fully understand the mindset of their customer, know what they want and understand the factors that will make a sale and that will make an injury. You have to get into the mind set of customers, think like them. Choosing the proper keywords is crucial.

No Testing or Optimization

It is important to understand that mobile marketing efforts does not mean keyword equals money. The watchwords should be tested and re-tested. You need to fully test your campaign prior to launching it. Data is necessary, which means you must test the campaigns and you should not be scared of overbidding and never just wait for the money to start rolling in.

Money that is spent on a campaign that failed is just wasted if you learn nothing from it. While an unsuccessful campaign can be a disappointment, it is also the ideal learning opportunity and can be your key to having a successful endeavor later on. Never be afraid to test and revise as needed.

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Not Thinking the Campaigns Through

This is another reason that test and then retesting is important. You have to determine the ideal target audience and ensure that you have created the appropriate campaign. When you carefully evaluate all the data in the testing, you will be able to determine the type of campaign that is going to appeal most to your customers.

The majority of individuals that are extremely successful may run an pay per call campaign for around a week and lose some money; however, they use the data gathered in order to find out how they can make the campaign work. The right campaign to the right people is what will bring the most profits. Take the time to find out what is the best option for potential customers

Only Targeting Feature Phones

When you understand the devices that are used most often by your customers, you can optimize the message and increase your pay per call volume. Wireless application protocol phones, or WAP for short, are still used by large numbers of people, especially those outside of North America. Since these phones do not offer fully web browser abilities, the display of graphics and images can be problematic. These phone users will only see ads as text. To ensure maximum reach of your marketing efforts, ensure that the designs for the ads you choose are effective for Smartphones as well as WAP phones.

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