The Pay Per Call Basics Every Marketer Should Know

There’s an old saying that goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While this often is counter-intuitive in marketing, as you must constantly tweak your Pay Per Call campaigns to ensure efficiency, sometimes the changes you make can prove harmful to your efforts. If your efforts have gone off track, it might be time to get back to Pay Per Call campaign basics to get your marketing efforts on the right path again. Here’s a recap of the fundamentals and their value in Pay Per Call.

Spread the Love

Pay Per Call campaigns are brilliantly simple in their application, because the goal is to get your business phone number in front of consumer eyeballs. Depending upon your target consumer, Pay Per Call can be employed through social media marketing and mobile ads or direct mailers and fliers distributed in a neighborhood. No particular marketing channel is better than the other, it depends more on how your consumers interact with your brand.

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Tap the Button

If mobile marketing is vital to your business, the addition of a click-to-call button in your Pay Per Call marketing is crucial. It can vastly improve the efficiency of your marketing campaign by allowing consumers to simply click on your phone number in an ad and immediately being connected to your business phone number on their mobile device.

Target Specific Locations

For businesses that thrive on local traffic, both online and in person, geo-location in Pay Per Call is smart. Using geo-location, you can set geographic parameters for your Pay Per Call ads. This enables you to spend your money on ads that will appear only in a specific geographic area, which helps maximize your marketing budget on the consumers in your local area that are most likely to become paying customers.

Follow Basic Metrics

Your distribution partner can help provide you with metrics on the performance of your Pay Per Call campaign, and you can use that to adjust your marketing focus for maximum effect. Look at metrics showing you the following data:

  • Geographic location of mobile ad views
  • Area code of incoming phone calls
  • Time of day of calls
  • Day of the week of calls

These Pay Per Call campaign basics can provide any publisher with the foundation of a great campaign. Once you have an idea of who is calling, from where, and when, all of these elements can be vital in retooling and resetting your Pay Per Call campaign with an eye on successful conversions.

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