5 Pay Per Call Tips For Any Mobile Campaign Format

At long last, online Pay Per Call marketing has come into its own thanks to a growing awareness of the medium’s power as well as an explosion in mobile adoption. While 2013 was a great year for Pay Per Call, 2014 looks to be even more lucrative for publishers and advertisers alike. The nice thing about Pay Per Call is that you don’t have to stick to a particular format to succeed. Here are a few handy tips for any mobile campaign.

Streamline Mobile Landing Pages

The typical potential Pay Per Call customer has a short attention span, which is why you need to make your mobile landing pages short and to the point. Briefly list locations, hours of operation and service specialties along with a quick pitch. Landing pages aren’t the place for in-depth content marketing and persuasion. If potential customers are there in the first place, they’re obviously contemplating a purchase. Make the decision easy for them by cutting out the fat.

Pitch at the Appropriate Times

While most mobile users will go with their “blink reaction” to mobile landing pages, you can improve the odds of conversion by targeting consumers in the optimal part of the buying cycle. To maximize ROI and conversions, you’ll need to identify the exact point in the research process where people are most likely to call and convert. This will require a bit of trial and error no matter how well you plan your Pay Per Call campaigns.

Use a Mobile-Specific Analytics Tool

More and more, success in any area of the web marketing industry depends almost entirely on the use of analytics to gather useful feedback. Platforms like Google Analytics and KISSmetrics are great for traditional websites but often fall short when it comes to accurately reporting performance metrics for mobile domains. Using a dedicated mobile analytics toolkit can be the difference between triumph and failure for many Pay Per Call advertisers and their affiliates.

Organize Campaigns Based On Devices

In the mobile marketing world, you can tell a lot about potential customers based on whether they’re using a tablet or a smartphone. For instance, tablet users tend to do more research without actually buying. Conversely, smartphones have an immediacy factor that makes users more likely to pull them out in the field and make quick decisions. Once again, highly accurate mobile analytics are the key to achieving favorable outcomes in this regard.

Be Prepared For Rebound Conversions

Pay Per Call is renowned for its ability to boost conversion rates from the get-go. However, you’re leaving money on the table if you give up after the first try with a particular customer. If a lead doesn’t convert immediately, use a different SMS pitch to turn them on to another similar offer. Set up IVR menus to handle repeat callers so that affiliates and advertisers benefit from converting more reluctant leads into real customers.

A Million Paths to Profit

Within the broader mobile sphere, there are countless ways to ensure the success of Pay Per Call offers for publishers and advertisers alike. In such a fast-paced e-commerce arena like Pay Per Call, it helps to have the support of an ad network that’s truly got your back. Long story short, you’ll be well-positioned for a productive upcoming year of Pay Per Call marketing if you keep these simple mobile tips in mind.