5 Performance Marketers You Should Know & Follow

Every affiliate mercenary that’s hit pay dirt in the highly competitive field of performance marketing has their own unique recipe for success. For most, that custom approach has been perfected through painstaking trial and error. After all, falling on your face and getting back up is just part of the game. While paying your dues can’t be avoided, affiliates can learn a lot by looking at what works for others. Here are a handful of performance marketing gurus worth following.

Tricia Meyer

One of the reigning champions of affiliate marketing, Tricia Meyer is one character you should be following on Twitter. Aside from the popular online coupon site Sunshine Rewards, Tricia runs countless other blogs that serve as case studies for those that want to build lucrative affiliate empires. Surprisingly down-to-earth for such a successful affiliate, she makes it a point to correspond regularly with her followers. Drop her a line if you’re interested in picking her brain.

John Chow

Although John Chow may be best known for his “make money online” affiliate marketing efforts, niche performance marketers can actually learn a lot from his site. If you’re looking for a crash course in building a cult of personality, there’s no better teacher than John’s blog. In addition, you’ll find tips on everything from advertising psychology to web design within his site’s voluminous post archives. Be sure to add Chow’s email newsletter to your regular rotation.

Missy Ward

As one of the co-founders of Affiliate Summit, Missy Ward has probably forgotten more about affiliate marketing than most people know. Her free email newsletter boasts a non-stop flow of marketing insights and affiliate tips that are applicable to every niche. If you see Missy’s name in a byline, be sure to keep reading. Ian Fernando

Yet another performance marketing impresario you should seriously consider following is Ian Fernando. A master of social media promotion and conversion, Fernando’s thoughts regarding online marketing are increasingly relevant in the age of Facebook and Twitter. His interviews and podcasts should be required listening for anyone that’s struggling with a particular tactic or campaign. Long story short, Fernando’s accumulated wisdom can help out any marketer that’s trying to crack the secret of greater performance marketing returns.

Brian Clark

Performance marketers that rely on a heavy dose of content to propel their campaigns forward would do well to follow Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame. Since 2006, he’s been expounding on all things online marketing to millions of rabid followers. Easily one of the most influential bloggers in the world, Clark knows how to create a movement and monetize it like no other. No matter what your marketing niche may be, checking in at Copyblogger should be part of your daily routine.

Learning from the Best

The lessons that you’ll learn by following the top performance marketers can be applied to a variety of affiliate campaigns. They’re particularly relevant to affiliates that work in a medium like Pay Per Call where payouts are strictly based on performance. Pay Per Call publishers that don’t deliver the goods go home empty-handed, after all. Carefully study the performance marketers above to glean insights that can be incorporated into your own campaigns.