5 Pop-Culture Keys to Boost Auto Insurance Marketing & Sales

Each year RingPartner analyzes millions of consumer calls providing unique insight on the buying behaviour. After conducting a survey to complement this data, the results found were insightful about the Auto Insurance industry.

With Social Media being a hot topic for digital marketers, it was interesting to see that only 20% of North American consumers found auto inurance social media presences were informative, while 5% found them entertaining and 50% found them to be dull. From these statistics it can be said that Auto Insurance brands should differentiate themselves from the norm by creating informative and entertaining social touch points.

Secondly, consumers were 30% more likely to notice Ads on Google Search compared to other mediums where 10% of consumers noticed Ads on TV or Radio. These stats show the importance of Search based advertising for Auto-Insurance brands. With the amount of time people spend on search engines, you’ll want to find different ways to make your ad campaigns stand out.

42% of consumers stated informative stats would prompt them to click on an insurance ad, and an equal 42% would be prompted through an interesting promotion. Although both these stats had the exact same ratio, it’s important to note that while laughter may be the best medicine, the power of knowledge is just as important. So, create your ads with a balance of being both creative and informative for your customer.

As advocators of phone calls, it’s by no surprise that 41% of consumers claimed to have bought Auto Insurance via a phone vs. 30% who made their purchase online. So, embrace the power of a phone call and optimize your phone based sales and inbound leads to ensure your business can drive a ton of sales.

And lastly, 68% of claimed insurance purchases were live formats (phone or in-person) compared to the counterpart online of 32%. So, even though, digital marketing platforms are the strongest Ad methods, people still love to communicate with people.

RingPartner received interesting data from the research in their Digital Behaviours in Auto Insurance Marketing and Sales resulting in unique insights from consumers. Overall for the Pop-Culture keys, a common theme was found: be creative and informative at the same time! And, as been said before, knowing the power of an inbound phone call can really help your business thrive in this ever changing digital world.

budget-friendly. When it comes to the purchasing process, you can tie in your Pay Per Call marketing.

There are a variety of ways you can integrate your Pay Per Call marketing into a simplified purchasing process during the holidays. When consumers find something they want, a phone call can make the purchasing process faster. Display your phone number prominently and promote the ease of service with language that lets them know the purchasing process can be completed quickly and efficiently over the phone. If you don’t already use click-to-call, consider adding a click-to-call feature to your Pay Per Call campaign so consumers can simply touch the screen and be connected to your business to complete a transaction.

Consider Flash Sales

As the holiday shopping season winds down in late December, offer your customers some surprise flash sales that exceed their expectations. Offer up surprise, last-minute deals on certain products. You’ll need to select a target consumer group (existing or new?) and select which products are available as part of a flash sale. Pick a timeline for the sale and set the discount, and you’re ready to go. Flash sales are a great way to promote products on a short timeline and generate last-minute sales before the holiday season draws to a close.

There are many steps you can take to boost your digital marketing strategy during the holiday season. At Ring Partner, we recommend our clients try these three strategies when looking for a festive twist on holiday digital marketing.

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