5 Proven Facebook Mobile Marketing Tactics That Really Work

As the mobile marketing space heats up, advertisers and publishers are starting to take notice of and invest in the possibilities it presents. Facebook’s incredible mobile advertising revenue growth is one of the biggest tech stories of the year. The social media juggernaut has conclusively proven that mobile traffic can be monetized quite effectively. Here are just 5 of the best ways to use Facebook to accrue mobile leads and convert them into paying customers.

Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly

Getting right to the point is the way to win in mobile. Longer form content works great on laptop and PC users but obviously doesn’t translate as well to mobile platforms. Keeping things short and sweet is the key to making your content go viral on the small screen. As a rule of thumb, you should include one major photo or graphic, an attention-grabbing headline and a quick summation of your content when publishing content for mobile users.

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Use Sponsored Stories

The Facebook News Feed is the best avenue for getting your message in front of potential customers in an unobtrusive yet effective way. Ads are large and in charge on the News Feed, especially when people are using Facebook’s mobile apps to access their account. Try out a few Sponsored Stories and see how they work out. Though there’s a bit of a learning curve, they’re easily one of the most powerful ad options on Facebook.

Take Advantage of Leads Nearby

Location-aware local marketing is the hottest growth sector in mobile e-commerce at the moment by a wide margin. Using Facebook’s Local Search, any business can easily convert potential clients at an extremely high rate. Sort of like a Foursquare clone that relies on your Facebook contacts for suggestions, it allows consumers who are near your physical location to get a heads up on your business. Though not as effective for all-digital companies, it’s still worth utilizing.

Promote Facebook Offers

While Groupon has proven to be a monumental flop for quite a few SMBs, Facebook Offers are actually quite productive for small businesses in many cases. It’s a versatile vehicle for giving current and possible future customers a break on your services. Nothing beats a freebie or discount when it comes to attracting more business, after all. Using Facebook Offers as a loss leader can be quite lucrative given the right deal.

Adopt a Pay Per Call Strategy

A rising star on the web advertising playing field, Pay Per Call marketing is an old tactic that’s getting renewed interest these days. As with PPC, advertisers pay for leads produced by online publishers. The difference is that potential customers call in for more information on your business rather than click a bland text link. Known primarily for its high conversion rates and unbelievable ROI, Pay Per Call is an underutilized way to boost sales.

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Coming to Terms with Mobile

Whenever a paradigm shift hits the web advertising market, many inevitably fail to recognize it for what it is and miss out on its opportunities. Mobile marketing will continue to reshape the online marketing landscape in unpredictable ways. Getting the attention of increasingly mercurial mobile consumers requires thinking outside of the box if one is to succeed in online marketing going forward. Using these Facebook tactics to pursue mobile customers will keep your marketing campaigns relevant for the time being.