5 Tips for Improving Your Ad Quality

Using a platform like Google Ads is an exceptionally powerful means of boosting your brand’s visibility and generating more revenue for your business. However, those ads are only as good as the conversions they generate for your business. If you’ve found that conversion rates on your Google Ads are low and/or dropping, it might be time to consider optimizing the quality of your ads. Below are five ways you can work to improve your ad quality for better conversions.

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Use Smarter CTAs

Your call-to-action is arguably the most important part of any ad. Sure, spending more money boosts the likelihood that more consumers see your ad. But what good is it if those consumers see your ad and aren’t convinced to connect? Your ad gets lots of exposure, but it doesn’t generate a lot of conversions. Your call-to-action needs to connect with the reader and give them a valid reason to click your ad and engage with your brand. Case studies have looked into the value of particular word choices in a CTA. Did you know the most popular CTA text includes the words “get,” “buy,” and “shop?” One business managed to increase leads by 148% by employing those words over vaguely worded CTAs.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Piggybacking off the point above, your ads should always offer value to the consumer. If you want readers to engage with your ads you need to put your best foot forward. What does this mean exactly? It means ensuring that the value that comes with choosing your brand is unmistakable in your ads. The value you offer, whether it is industry-leading service, superior products, or one-time exceptional pricing, should be the key selling point. Make sure you place your value proposition in the headline or sub-header for any content.

Make Sure Content is Consistent

Consistent message, otherwise known as message match, means ensuring that you don’t promise customers one thing in an ad and then fail to deliver when they end up on the landing page connected to that ad. When they click on an ad, the messaging on that ad and the messaging on the landing page it directs them to needs to align. For example, if the CTA in your ad encourages customers to “sign up for free,” then you need to prominently display that same CTA on the corresponding landing page so there is no room for error. Using the same CTA ensures consistent messaging and boosts conversion rates because it avoids the potential for confusion or frustration on behalf of the customer.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Speaking of landing pages, this is a crucial piece in the conversion puzzle. Optimizing your Google Ads doesn’t just mean working on your ads, it means optimizing the content that those customers are directed to when they interact with your ads. There are multiple ways that you can optimize your landing page, so we’ll just cover two examples here. If you’re worried about the layout or content of your landing page, you could use heat map services that analyze and track interactions on your landing pages to tell you how visitors are engaging with the content and layout of your page.

Another option would be to include video content on your landing page that concisely and effectively gets your point across to the viewer. Some brands have seen conversion rates increase by 79.3% with video content on their landing pages.

Take Advantage of Remarketing

Finally, don’t be afraid to dip your toe into remarketing through Google Ads. Remarketing gives you a second or third chance to capture the attention of previous visitors and reengage them in your brand’s offerings to try and generate a conversion. Google has a list of effective tactics, but in general, there are seven proven methods you can use to remarket content. Fortunately, there’s no need to use them all. Pick one or two that work for you and run with them. Like anything else, you’ll need to make adjustments with time

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