5 Ways Pay Per Call Trounces PPC

At this point, it’s impossible to deny that the mobile web is more than exceeding expectations insofar as advertising potential is concerned. Internet giants like Google, Bing and Facebook are finding that mobile traffic can be monetized quite effectively under the right circumstances. Pay Per Call is a particularly promising promotional tactic that’s taking the web by storm. In fact, Pay Per Call marketing is far more attractive than even the vaunted Pay Per Click ad model for the following reasons.

Better Targeting Accuracy

While PPC is famous largely for its ability to jump-start sales and increase web traffic, its ability to accurately zero in on the right demographics is spotty at best. Even though PPC programs only charge when someone clicks on an ad, there’s no guarantee that a click will go anywhere. Thanks to the call time threshold required by reputable Pay Per Call programs for issuing payouts to publishers, advertisers are more likely to only receive interest from likely buyers.

Superior Offline Conversion Tracking

Though Google is working on improving the offline conversion rates of AdWords, there’s no definitive way to gauge PPC’s real-world reach. Pay Per Call, on the other hand, is expressly designed to deliver results whether online or off. More importantly, it allows advertisers and publishers to target specific demographics via unique phone numbers. PPC simply can’t match Pay Per Call when it comes to tracking offline leads and modifying campaigns for the highest conversion rates.

Far Greater Return On Investment

PPC has long been recognized for its ability to deliver quick results. What few realize is how tough it is to master the PPC game and how lean profits can be. To win at PPC, you need a lot of money, superior analytics know-how and quite a bit of planning. Long story short, the ROI of traditional PPC usually lags that of Pay Per Call by a wide margin. Due to the tremendous potential value of Pay Per Call leads, ROIs for publishers and advertisers alike are often stellar.

Lower Barriers to Entry

Google likes to entice people into using AdWords by handing out $50 or $100 credits to play around with. It’s a nice gesture but even $100 typically isn’t enough to get a successful PPC campaign off the ground. The reality is that even seasoned PPC experts will lose a substantial amount of money on any given promotional effort before their campaign pays off. Pay Per Call marketing is far easier to get the hang of and requires less money to produce results in most cases.

Reduced Time to Purchase

In today’s fast-paced e-commerce milieu, it’s crucial for advertisers to minimize the time it takes to go from a lead to a sale. Pay Per Call has a distinct advantage over PPC in that it puts consumers in direct contact with merchants with a minimum amount of lag time. PPC may get eyeballs onto a site but it won’t deliver the human connection that’s so vital to success. Pay Per Call puts leads on the fast track to conversion.

No Time to Waste

Though the race doesn’t always go to the first runner out of the blocks, a head start on the rest of the competition is a powerful advantage in most cases. Though Pay Per Call is a burgeoning field with loads of potential, you will need the right approach to make it work for your purposes. Choosing a Pay Per Call network with a proven track record of success is the best way to get the most from this marketing medium.