5 Ways to Build Landing Pages with Killer Conversions on Unbounce

Part of the puzzle to online advertising is ensuring all the pieces have been flawlessly pieced together to create an outstanding user experience. Everything from your ads, landing pages, to customer service comes together to create an experience that influences your customers purchasing behavior.

With online advertising, we drive traffic using ad copy, but we get conversions based on the landing page making optimization a component to the puzzle you can’t miss out on. Part of the problem with landing pages is that most of us aren’t expert coders who have mastered a variety of web scripts making it exponentially harder for us to create beautifully optimized landing pages. Luckily being modern day marketers, companies like Unbounce have provided us with a solution to this problem. Here at RingPartner, we use Unbounce to enhance our online marketing ventures and even build some of our web properties using it! As avid users of Unbounce, we wanted to share some key tips on how to succeed with landing pages and Unbounce.

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Landing Page Best Practices

Building landing pages is a form of art. Each piece is carefully constructed to ensure your customer converts. Everything from color, CTAs, copy, to layout influences your customers.

  1. Keep It Simple
    Over complicated landing pages stress out users. When a landing page has a lot going on it can be difficult for consumers to find the information they want resulting in them leaving and increasing your bounce rate. If a landing page consists of only relevant information displayed in a clean manner, customers can easily navigate their way through the page and locate the information they were searching for decreasing your bounce rate and increasing your conversions.

  2. Match Landing Page Copy to Ad Copy
    You’ll want to keep your messaging consistent across all platforms, especially across your landing pages and ad copy. For consumers and search engines, having copy that matches will increase your click through rate and keep customers on your page longer. When your copy doesn’t match it can cause confusion for your consumers on why they’re on your page.

  3. Position, Layout, and Design
    Designing a landing page is all about making sure each piece is correctly positioned and laid out properly on your page. Having the right components above the fold will tell your customers what you’re offering and what they should do. As a rule of thumb a landing page should have a clear headline, CTA, and brief information about your service or product above the fold. If your CTA is below the fold, it’s unlikely that your consumer will scroll down the page to see the CTA. Make it easy to locate and big! One of the perks of Unbounce is that they give you optimized templates that you can use when designing your landing pages. These templates allow you to customize the page for your brand allowing the design process to be easy and fluid.

  4. One Single Purpose
    A landing page should be designed for one purpose. Having more than one CTA or purpose on a landing page can create an over complicated page where there is too much going on. When there is one clear purpose to the landing page the consumer will be able to see it and decide if they want to act on it

  5. Always Split test
    Not even an expert can 100% tell you what color, layout, or ad copy will convert your consumers! Each industry has different customers where one color may convert better than another, but these will change based on who your target market is. The only way to tell which color, font, size, or design works is to split test the different variations and determine which one works best for you. With Unbounce, you are able to create multiple variants of your landing page and split test what works. You can divide your traffic between variants and review the analytics to see what variant is working and which one isn’t.

With these pro tips you’ll be ready to create your landing page on Unbounce. One of the benefits to using Unbounce landing page and conversion platform is that you have the ability to customize, test, and design a landing page easily and conveniently without the nitty gritty work!

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