5 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Page for Ads

All facets of your digital marketing efforts are linked, whether you notice it on the surface or not. Attempting to view the ads on a landing page as somehow separate from the landing page itself is a mistake that digital marketers make far too often. Landing pages and the ads on them should be viewed as two parts of the whole digital marketing effort you have in place. The success of your ads in garnering attention for the brand and the success of your landing pages in converting visitors are linked, which makes it important to optimize landing pages and ads in a cohesive manner. Here are five tips to help achieve this goal.

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1. Match Ads and Keywords

Consumers are most likely to be drawn in by ads with content that is relevant to their search. As such, it is important to use ad text that keeps your keywords in mind. This will catch the attention of user searching for those keywords and prove to customers that your ads are related to the information they are seeking online. To further optimize, consider grouping your keywords by a theme or specific product rather than lumping them all together in the same ad groups.

Likewise, you’ll want to match your ads and keywords to the language used on your landing pages. For example, any special offers or discounts offered in your ads should be easily found on the landing page. Also, the call-to-action used in ad text should mirror the CTA used on your landing page.

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2. Highlight What Makes You Unique

If you are going to use special offers in ads and landing pages, it’s important to make those facts a focus of your ad and landing page text. Whether it’s a summer discount on lawn services or instant rebates on the purchase of new products, the best way to optimize conversion of landing pages and associated ads is to call attention to those deals. You initiated these deals, in all likelihood, to set your brand apart from the competition. So, don’t shy away from highlighting that uniqueness for users online. Calling attention to these special deals makes it more likely someone clicks on your ad and lands on your landing pages.

3. Make Your Landing Pages Mobile-Friendly

Ads and landing pages should be optimized for viewing and loading on mobile devices. Mobile landing pages are most effective when the content is quick and to-the-point, visitors can easily figure out how to contact the business, and navigation is simple (more to come in the next paragraph). It’s harder to find things on a smaller screen, so don’t be too cute with the design. Keep things simple and present valuable information right up front. Ads should, likewise, be optimized for viewing on mobile devices and provide concise text that captures viewer attention and gets them to click the ad for more information.

4. Make Landing Pages Easy to Navigate

As mentioned above, many of your landing pages and ads will be viewed on mobile devices with smaller screens. Don’t make it unnecessarily difficult for users to scroll through a page and navigate to different links. Everything from ordering a product to calling the business should be easy to complete and quick to locate. Avoid cluttering your site with pop-ups and ads as those significantly slow the performance and load time of mobile sites. Finally, keep the most relevant information near the top of pages to eliminate the need for visitors to scroll.

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5. Use Different Versions of Your Ads

A well-optimized landing page doesn’t rely on a singular ad. It is difficult to convey all the information to customers you want with the text of a single ad. Using different versions of your ads offers you a chance to use different headlines, incorporate various keywords, and promote more than one specific price or promotion. Using 3 to 5 different ads is also helpful as Google Ads automatically shows the better-performing ads by default, further optimizing your landing pages and ads.

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