6 Highly Ignored Marketing Mistakes

If you’re doing it right, mobile marketing can be a great thing. But oftentimes, marketers are making simple mistakes that sabotage their programs. Here’s a look at a few pay per call mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Knowing Your Potential Customer
If you’re going to be successful in mobile marketing, you have to understand your customer and how they think. You have to know what your customer wants and understand how to convert that into a sale. Thinking like a customer in huge here. If you don’t understand exactly who your target is, you’ll never find success.

2. Not Testing Your Campaign
Understand that just because you’re sinking money into marketing and advertising, that doesn’t guarantee success. You have to know how to market properly. You’ll need to test and retest your keywords to ensure they’re working properly and hitting the right demographic. You can never just sit back and wait for the money to come in. If you spend money on a campaign that fails, that money is wasted. You may be able to learn something from it from the failed opportunity, but it’s much better to learn those lessons beforehand.

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3. Not Understanding Your Campaign
You’d be surprised how many people don’t understand the actual campaign they’re working on. In fact, that’s likely the most common mistake people make. Do your research and understand who your customer targets are. If your customers are receiving marketing that has absolutely nothing to do with them, your conversion rates will plummet. Do your homework!

4. Only Targeting “Big Fish”
If you do your research, you’ll know not only who your customer is, but what sort of device they’re using. While feature rich smart phones are commonplace in North America, that’s not so for other countries. Some people think that since smart phones in general are more expensive that their users have more disposable income and are more likely to consider advertising. But for the most part, it’s simply a matter of supply.

Traditional Wireless Application Protocol phones are still in widespread use around the world. These phones don’t offer full web browsing, so graphics and pictures can cause problems. Users with these phones will only see your advertisement as text. To have the most success, be sure you’re targeting both styles of phones.

5. Annoying Your Audience
Let’s be honest. For many people, advertising is seen as a nuisance. If a marketer is going overboard with advertisement after advertisement, it will turn off the customer. Don’t be afraid to start small.  Watch your analytics and slowly increase your marketing until you find the perfect balance. Stay visible, but don’t overexpose yourself.

6. Taking a “shotgun” approach
Cast a wide net and you’ll get a lot of results, right? Most of the time, it’s not a good idea to have a wide range of target customers. You’re not only decreasing your overall return, but you’re impacting your long term prospects. With a wide approach, your efforts may come off just looking like spam. Narrow your approach, and customers will feel much more likely to check out your marketing.

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