A Beginner’s Guide to APIs

Working in the digital marketing industry, one hears about APIs quite frequently, but do most people actually know what is being discussed? If you don’t, no worries, we are here to help you figure out what in the world an API is!

Quick Intro to APIs

Technically speaking, an API is an Application Programming Interface. What exactly is an Application Programming Interface? Well let us break it down: An API enables a path for communication between one piece of software to another giving developers full access to the data and resources from outside the firewall. Other words, an API allows you to open up your product’s data and functionality to other developers permitting data to flow freely across networks.

API Data Flow (2).jpg

Behind the scenes, this amazing tool is used in everyday life to connect differing websites and software to each other. For example, think of big names like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon – all of these companies use APIs to tie into different websites to allow data to flow freely between each other. However, you don’t need to be as big as Amazon or Facebook to reap the benefits of an API.

In fact, using APIs can drive traffic and sales to your website. By using an API, you give other companies the ability to use your information on their website and have customers directed to your website, thus improving referral traffic. Through APIs and allowing others access to your data, you are driving traffic to your business.

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