A Look into the Pay Per Call Crystal Ball – Mobile Marketing Trends in 2014

As a general rule, Pay Per Call is an inherently mobile discipline. Though it can be adapted to a variety of promotional methods, mobile is really where it’s at. Consequently, regularly taking stock of the mobile marketing industry to see which way the winds are blowing is prudent. In so doing, you make future Pay Per Call success far more likely. Here’s a quick look at five major trends in mobile marketing that are likely to accelerate in 2014.

Ads Will Continue to Shrink

One of the most obvious trends to emerge in digital marketing has been an increasing emphasis on lightweight ads. Expect this trend to continue as platforms like Instagram VideoVine and Klip become more popular. The statistics clearly demonstrate that short pitches work wonders for advertising online. Though this trend primarily impacts video advertising, it’ll be felt in the traditional organic content marketing sphere as well as paid promotional battlegrounds like PPC.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Will Grow

Paid promotion on the mobile web just keeps getting more and more competitive. One positive flip side to this reality is the fact that the rise of real-time bidding allows both buyers and sellers of ad space to drastically improve ROI and overall ad effectiveness. By the end of 2014, real-time advertising is slated to account for 45% of all mobile ad transactions. As such, you should work on mastering real-time advertising ASAP.

Social PPC Will Go Mainstream

In 2014, expect to see targeted ads on social media networks gain mainstream acceptance. Thanks in large part to Facebook Exchange (FBX), advertisers and publishers will finally be able to reach millions of potential customers by using their personal interactions and information. Alongside Facebook Exchange, Twitter’s Promoted Tweets will no doubt continue to expand. Likewise, advertising on third-party Twitter clients such as Twitterrific and HootSuite will provide a major boost to paid social media marketing.

Email Marketing Will Grow In Popularity

Marketers have known for at least a year or two that email marketing is actually increasing rather declining. Nowadays, people use their mobile devices to consume email communications almost as much as they use traditional PCs. Obviously, email marketing isn’t the best tactic to use if you’re going after immediate local mobile sales. However, it’s as effective as ever with mobile consumers when promoting anything that’s not an impulse purchase like food.

Ad Retargeting Will Become a Necessity

Whether you’re using search ads, display ads or SMS blasts, rebounding from an unsuccessful lead conversion attempt is the key to maximizing ROI. Ad retargeting is coming into its own now that Google AdWords and competing platforms are taking it seriously. If your initial pitch doesn’t work, retargeting can allow you to quickly and inexpensively point consumers in the direction of the right offer for them. As such, 2014 will be a banner year for retargeting.

Getting a Jump on the Competition

If you want to leverage the potential of mobile marketing for fun and profit, you should fully understand the aforementioned trends. The mobile sector as a whole is going to be the future of digital marketing, so you’d better get to know it like the back of your hand now while there’s still time. The upcoming year should prove to be a fruitful and interesting one for mobile marketers of all stripes.