Budget Pay Per Call: 5 Ways to Get Phone Leads on the Cheap

Whether you’re a mercenary marketer solely concerned with commissions or a business looking to generate fruitful leads, Pay Per Call has a lot to offer. Many focus on the portion of Pay Per Call that requires at least a moderate amount of capital input due to the potential for quick, game-changing results. However, it’s possible to do Pay Per Call inexpensively if you’re savvy. Here are a few avenues worth exploring that enable budget Pay Per Call.

Local Ads in Print

If you’re already taking out print ads in local daily newspapers, weekly publications and classifieds, you can simply insert your unique Pay Per Call tracking number into these existing ads. This approach has benefits for both publishers and advertisers. Local merchants can use this tactic to gauge the effectiveness of specific kinds of local print ads. For affiliates, this method can be an incredibly sly way to get a large number of leads at a fixed cost.

Community Newsletters

In some cases, it can be possible to slip your Pay Per Call numbers into local publications for free. Many widely-read community newsletters will allow you to put up notices or even ads for free or at least at a very low cost. If you can match your promotion with the newsletter’s core audience, you can realize some surprising returns with Pay Per Call. Fortunately, experimenting with local newsletters allows for a wide margin of error.

Niche Online Forums

If you’re willing to put in a moderate amount of effort, using the vast array of online forums out there to spread your message can net fruitful results. Of course, you’ll need to be sure that you don’t engage in “forum spamming” to avoid being banned from popular message boards. When using forums to proliferate Pay Per Call numbers, ensure that your responses are relevant and provide value to the post in question that you’re replying to.

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Popular Q&A Websites

Aside from forum marketing, leveraging Q&A sites like Quora, Answerbag, ChaCha and Yahoo! Answers is a great way to subtly promote your Pay Per Call numbers. Thanks to the targeting specificity that Q&A platforms allow, you can hone in on demographics both national and local in nature. As with forum promotion, the idea is to be as low key as possible. For actual results, you’ll need to provide the best and most popular answers for any given focused query.

Street-Level QR Codes

One of the most overlooked advertising opportunities for marketers in any industry is direct mobile calling based on QR codes. You can generate codes for free using a variety of online services and have them link to a Pay Per Call number to promote an offer. Displaying QR codes on flyers, handouts and notices in public locations in your immediate area will help you to reach an affluent, tech-savvy audience that’s more inclined to spend immediately.

The Bottom Line

In spite of the nearly limitless potential of Pay Per Call, many newcomers and even some seasoned veterans are intimidated by the more technical aspects. Starting off simply with offline Pay Per Call allows the overly cautious to experiment with this particular form of marketing while spending little if any money. Once you’re comfortable with Pay Per Call and feel confident in spending money, all you’ll need is the right ad network to triumph.

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