Creating A More Profitable Pay Per Call Campaign

Your Pay Per Call campaign is the perfect tool to help grow your business, attract more customers, and increase revenue. However, no marketing effort can be created and simply left to run without changes. Creating a Pay Per Call campaign that brings true growth to your business, not just steady returns, requires occasional optimization, adjustment, and improvement. Whether you’re just starting out with Pay Per Call, or consider yourself a veteran user, these tips will help you develop a more profitable campaign.

Optimize Call Treatment

If you want to grow your business and enjoy a profitable Pay Per Call campaign, you need to provide an enjoyable experience for your customers. Call treatment is a fancy term for exercising control over every aspect of caller experience. Poor interactions between your business and customers results in lost customers. If you want to create a better experience for your customers, consider the following:

  • Provide clear and concise prompts on your phone systems.
  • Conclude phone prompts using action items: “to get a quote, press 1”
  • Set up automatic routing to accurately direct incoming calls

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Filter Calls for Quality

As your Pay Per Call campaign continues, you’ll see a clear picture of the characteristics that quality calls have in common. When you better recognize the characteristics of a quality call, you’ll be able to filter incoming calls based upon those factors. Filtering for those factors ensures you get the best calls possible through your campaign.

Look for the following factors:

  • New calls vs. repeated
  • Caller’s location
  • Day and time of calls
  • Keypresses

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Increase Commissions to Focus on Quality Leads

You should never sacrifice quality for quantity. Generating a lot of phone calls for your business only results in greater costs for your Pay Per Call marketing campaign and more time spent on the phone with consumers who may or may not purchase from your company. Quality leads with callers likely to make a purchase will always trump a high volume of calls. If you want to generate more quality leads, you’ll need to optimize your commission structure to reward distribution partners that drive high quality leads to your Pay Per Call campaign.

Invest in a High-Performing Publisher

All publishers are not created equal in the world of Pay Per Call. Pay close attention to the publishers that generate high quality leads for your business, and funnel more of your marketing budget toward them during your Pay Per Call campaign. Each time you launch a new one, invite that publisher (or publishers) to be part of the program.

In the End

The most important thing to remember is that you need to keep tinkering with your Pay Per Call campaign. It may generate solid revenue and calls for your business if you just set it and forget it, but it won’t lead to long-term growth. Continue to be creative and don’t be afraid to make changes if you want to run a profitable Pay Per Call campaign.