Creating an Emotional Connection With Your Customers

As a small-business owner, whether you are a locksmith, plumber or in any another industry, you have a unique opportunity to create a genuine connection with your customers that elicits real emotions. When we say real emotions, we don’t mean to say that your customers will fall in love with your company. What we’re talking about is creating a connection with your consumers that is valuable.

Major corporations tell their customers they care about their needs, but in reality, most of them have consumers because their brand is the only option in the industry. As a small business, you may find yourself competing against multiple competitors. This means that your connection can make or break your success. Here are a few tips to follow that help you develop an emotional connection.

Be Real

The last thing your consumers want to do is interact with robotic employees and read online content that is heavily sales-oriented and feels like a constant grab for their money. When you generate content for your online materials, avoid buzzwords and industry jargon that will confuse your consumers. Talking down to them makes them feel irrelevant.

Be Sociable

If you want your customers to feel better about working with your business, add pictures to your company’s social media profile so that customers know more about the people they are dealing with. Additionally, create specific, yet concise, profiles for your team members on the company website. Just like your social media accounts, you’ll need to add pictures to give your company a personable appearance.

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Avoid Generic Content

The worst thing you can do is cut corners on digital content, logos, and designs. When you post generic content to your social media feed or corporate website, you do nothing to set yourself apart from the rest of your competitors. If your logo or advertising campaigns are generic and don’t stand out, how are your consumers going to recognize your brand?

You want customized content for your business that captures the interest of consumers and helps them instantly recognize your products or services in the future. Think about companies like Coca-Cola and Nike. People recognize those logos immediately and even hunt for products based upon that logo.

Pass Out Your Number

Last but not least, use an effective Pay Per Call campaign to get your number out there where consumers can see it. Whether you purse direct mailing campaigns or mobile ads, make sure your number is easy to see, and can be called quickly and easily by consumers looking to make contact.

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