Do You Need a Pay Per Call Campaign with National Coverage?

Pay Per Call is often touted as an excellent marketing tool for local business looking to generate more phone calls to their business, and generate more revenue as a result of those calls. What about larger agencies and brands with a national presence? Does Pay Per Call still work for these groups? If so, how do you know you need national coverage?

Not Just for Local Brands

The true power behind Pay Per Call is the ability to precisely target using geo-location and geo-fencing in your advertising to place your ads in front of a specific audience. Consider brands such as major hotel chains. These organizations have locations scattered across the country, and can use targeted ads with specific phone numbers that route callers to the landing page and phone number of the hotel they are looking for based upon a destination.

Call-Only Ads from Google AdWords

Brands from mom-and-pop companies to major national corporations use Google AdWords to promote their businesses online. With the introduction in 2015 of Call-Only Ads, Google has made it easier for brands to roll out national Pay Per Call campaigns that are specifically designed to drive calls. Previously you needed a landing page with a number, but now you can target exact demographics in particular regions with simpler ads displaying your number first and foremost.

Already Using Facebook Ads?

If your brand is already using a Facebook page for marketing, then it’s time to move up to Pay Per Call advertising through your Facebook ads. There are literally billions of active users on Facebook around the world, and as of Q1 2017, there are 234 active Facebook users in the United States and Canada alone (Statista).

Your Facebook page for marketing already extends the reach of your brand, intended or otherwise, beyond local borders. If you’re intentionally using it to attract customers across state lines, you can also take advantage of Pay Per Call ads through Facebook to generate calls from across the country.

There’s no reason to limit the potential for marketing your brand nationally. If you’re already using other techniques to attract consumers nationally, Pay Per Call ads integrated into your marketing campaign can help generate calls to your business from around the country and increase your customer base in the process.

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