Don’t Scare Off Your Customers! Use These 3 Tips to Convert Calls to Clients

As a small business owner, each and every potential customer you come into contact with deserves the best from you and your employees. When you get a phone call from a customer, it is the best chance your business will have to convert that customer into a paying client. For small businesses, each sales call generated by your Pay Per Call campaign is immensely valuable. The customer on the other end represents a potential sale; or an unsatisfied client. Success depends upon your ability to deal with phone calls in a professional manner. In this post, we’re going to talk about some tips to help your business succeed each time customers contact your company.

Engage in the Conversation

Even though the customer on the other end cannot see your face, that doesn’t mean they cannot pick up on your tone. As frustrated as you might be at any given moment, you need to let that go and engage in the conversation with your customer. Do your best to sound upbeat. Express genuine interest in their reason for calling, and allow the conversation to flow naturally. Don’t cut them off without allowing them to fully express their reason for calling.

For new employees in your company, a script to follow when dealing with customers on the phone is a good idea. This way, everyone has a method in place to convert calls to clients from the start.

At the same time, encourage them to go off script if it means creating a personal connection with customers over the phone. Your Pay Per Call campaign drives customers to your business interested in making a purchase. With that said, a little personality goes a long way to close the sale and satisfy your customer’s needs.

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Encourage Them to Talk

You know your business inside and out, and you may have heard it all on the phone before. However, each customer should be treated as a unique client with specialized needs. Be present in the conversation, but don’t cut them off with suggestions or talk over them. Listen to the reasons behind their call and wait for them to finish before offering services or products that match their needs.

Guide, Don’t Push

Most importantly, never push your customers. Just because they called in for a reason, doesn’t mean the conversion is guaranteed. You want to close the sale and generate revenue, but a happy customer is more likely to become a repeat customer and tell others about your business. Listen to their needs and guide them toward a solution. It may take longer and there may be rerouting during the phone toward different solutions, but guiding instead of pushing creates credibility for your business and establishes a genuine image of your business in the consumer’s mind.

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