Exceeding Expectations with Pay Per Call

If you got in on Pay Per Call early before most people found out about it, you’re lucky. You may have managed to score some easy profits as a Publisher or as a business owner, but now you’re likely faced with an increasing level of competition as this marketing approach gains mainstream acceptance. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s crucial that you refine your approaches and become more analytical. These quick tips will ensure that your campaigns exceed your Pay Per Call expectations.

Make IVR Messages Human

Rather than using IVR scripts that are digitized by some program, do yourself a favor and have a live human read them. Human voices have been proven to be far more effective than digitized voices insofar as conversions go. More than a few studies have demonstrated that a human voice is far more effective when it comes to keeping callers on the line. Try a few different readers to give yourself options when crafting IVR menus.

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Use Different IVRs Based on Time of Day

When creating your IVR recordings, it’s important to record a variety of messages to play with as you optimize a campaign. It can be especially helpful to record messages that are focused on morning, afternoon and evening callers. Certain times of the day are better than others when it comes to conversions based on the offers that are presented. Through trial and error, you’ll find the right responses for any given hour.

Segregate Mobile & PC Offer Promotions

While Pay Per Call is generally a mobile affair, there’ll be a good bit of traffic that comes from PC users with any campaign. Segregating the data coming in from PC and mobile users is a good idea to ensure that you’re getting better analytics intelligence from callers. Separate extensions are easy to set up and can provide you with valuable feedback that can be used to quickly and efficiently increase ROI and revenue.

Focus On Mobile Campaign Optimization

Mobile campaigns are the heart of Pay Per Call and you can easily make them more profitable using analytics. Tracking numbers for your Pay Per Call campaigns provide tons of data including area codes, call lengths, IVR conversion rates and caller proximity. Using this data to improve a campaign is tricky, which is why it’s important to choose ad networks carefully to ensure that you have the necessary tools to leverage said data.

Learn to Convert Repeat Callers

If you’re getting calls in the first place for a particular offer, that’s definitely a positive sign. However, making calls convert is a bit tougher. Repeat callers throw a wrench into the gears as they disincentivize affiliates and can be tougher to track and convert. Set up your campaigns to identify repeat callers and redirect them via SMS blasts to keep them in the fold while you’re working on a viable conversion approach.

Never Stop Learning

Flippant tips are all well and good but they’ll only work for awhile. For a longer-lasting solution to the Pay Per Call monetization problem, you’ll need a more proactive approach. Doing Pay Per Call right comes down to planning, preparation and responding intelligently to changes. You’ll always need to adjust campaigns somewhat based on call feedback no matter what the approach. Pay Per Call isn’t such an unmanageable beast if you keep tabs on the evolution of the industry.