Five Unique Tips To Enhance Your Pay Per Call Marketing

Pay per call marketing has been around for a while, but with the explosion of mobile Internet use, this area is receiving more attention than ever. If users searching online with their cell phones encounter an advertisement that easily lets them make a call to get the information they’re looking for, they’re much more likely to make that call that traditional Internet users. After all, the phone is right their in their hand!

The incredibly massive potential of pay per call marketing has caught a lot of eyes during this time. Looking to try this out for yourself? Here are a few unique tips to consider with pay per call marketing.

Save it For the Big Ones

With almost any marketing campaign, things can get expensive quickly while you’re trying to figure out what works. Pay per call marketing is no different. That’s why some people choose to save their pay per call marketing for their biggest potential sales targets. Since it is a volatile market, use it just for your highest margin sales – sales that guarantee a good return on both your time and your money.

Seek Out Longer Call Times

There’s a definite correlation between the length of your calls and your conversion rates. If you think about it, that only makes sense because someone who’s serious about your product or service will be asking questions. Reserve your pay per call marketing for the networks you see are consistently giving you longer call times because these are the ones most likely to have higher conversion rates.

Target a Specific Demographic

Like most forms of advertising, it’s not difficult to target a specific demographic. Geo-targeting (determining where a visitor is coming from) can be a great way to make your ads more effective. How this works so well with pay per call marketing is that you can set up different phone numbers for different markets. If someone sees a local number, they’re much more likely to trust that number over a 1-800 number or one with an area code they’re not familiar with. This makes is especially easy to see what sort of return you’re getting on each campaign.

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Give Customers An Incentive

Want to really increase your pay per call traffic? Give customers a reason to call. Offer a special discount specifically for those callers. Since pay per call marketing already has a much higher conversion rate than traditional text advertising, this can help swing things even further in your favor.

Use Video to Your Advantage

While pay per call marketing has traditionally been text based, there’s definitely no rule that says it has to be. Videos and GIFs are all the rage on the Internet right now, so use this to your advantage! Short, quick videos are replacing the common blog post. You can cut the fluff, and get right down to the content that matters. Give your customers a reason to call, then make it easy for them to do. Don’t waste time with a flowery introduction or extraneous content. Point out a problem, offer an answer to that problem, and show how you’re the solution.

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