Getting Up to Speed with Mobile Display Advertising

Though the demise of the desktop has been greatly exaggerated, there’s no denying that a substantial portion of Internet traffic has gone mobile. Marketers and businesses are going where the money is and catering to mobile consumers like never before. Though current mobile ad spending figures are impressive, the full potential of mobile advertising remains untapped. At present, tried-and-true display advertising is one of the most popular ways to court consumers. Understanding the broader mobile trends as they relate to display ads is vital if you wish to capitalize on this burgeoning area of web commerce. 

Mobile Display on the Rise

Based on all of the available statistics, the mobile ad industry is absolutely booming these days. In 2010 alone, we saw a 116% increase in spending over the previous year. By the end of 2013, U.S. mobile ad spending will be nearly $4 billion. Though mobile ad rates lag traditional desktop advertising rates in areas such as search, there’s every reason to believe that the gap will narrow dramatically in the near future. The key will be finding a way to push ads to consumers without getting in the way of the mobile experience. 

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Potential Pitfalls and Drawbacks

While it’s tempting to view display ads as a quick path to raising one’s profile and improving conversions, the truth is that 50% of all ads go unseen. A study by YouGov discovered that 79% of mobile users in the UK found mobile ads to be annoying. Obviously, there’s a lot of progress that must be made before mobile dominates the display advertising landscape. However, there’s never been a better time to get in on the ground floor and perfect your strategy before the field becomes too crowded.

The Most Effective Mobile Display Ad Technique

With desktop display ads, advertisers and publishers have a lot of screen real estate to work with and can afford to be more casual in their approaches. Mobile ads are different and more challenging to master due to a premium on display space. One of the most efficient ways to leverage mobile display ads is by utilizing Pay Per Call advertising to approach users when they’re most likely to make a purchase. Thanks to the immediacy of mobile, display ads with Pay Per Call numbers allow advertisers to get their message across without being intrusive.

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Design Tips & Best Practices

To get the most from mobile display ads, it’s imperative that advertisers and publishers optimize banners for individual campaigns. Regardless of what product or service you happen to promoting, a focus on lean graphics and a clear call to action is a must. Even more important is identifying and catering to the right consumers at the right time. While Facebook and Twitter are increasingly pushing their own “native” solutions to the problem, they’re not always a good match for SMBs. Smaller, more agile ad networks are a better fit for the little guy and will deliver a superior ROI over time.

Going Mobile Before It’s Too Late

Though the most obvious trend in web marketing is increased mobile ad spending, how one should go about profiting from it is less clear. Perceptive observers have pointed out that mobile display ads are an unexploited opportunity worth exploring. While mobile display advertising can be employed in a variety of ways, Pay Per Call is arguably the best avenue for unlocking its potential. With the right ad network, a little in-depth market research and a plan, any brand or marketer can profit handsomely from mobile display ads in the coming years. 

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