Gmail Apps Slated to Be Next In Mobile Marketing

So now there is buzz among those who specialize in mobile marketing that mobile marketing ads will next be unveiled in the Gmail apps. According to Artem Russakovskii of the Android Police, ads are coming soon to Gmail 4.6. Unlike its website counterpart, the Gmail app has long been ad-free. This can be good news for both app users and those who utilize mobile marketing.

Viewing Ads

As expected, Gmail ads for their mobile apps will be totally different from the traditional online version. Since mobile marketing has always been aimed to reach potential customers when they are not at home, it has its own unique ways of attracting attention and customers. Placed within apps that are used on smart phones, tablets, iPods, and other electronic devices, mobile ads need to function well when viewed on screens of multiple sizes. 

Saving Ads As Messages

One cool thing for marketers is the fact that, with the new ads in the Gmail app, users will be able to save ads that they enjoy in the same way that they save messages. They can’t do that online so easily. If someone likes an ad, that Gmail user will be able to simply save it and then enjoy it as part of his or her inbox. On the other hand, if someone dislikes your ad a lot, it can be quickly dismissed. That’s still good news to advertisers, though, because their advertising dollars won’t go to repeated showings to people who are not receptive to the message at hand. 

Great News for Mobile Marketing Pros

Gmail is one of the most trusted companies online. It has so many users that it impacts most people that go online in some way since it is a part of Google. This company is going to unveil each new decision with extreme care because they have no reason to be careless with their massive success. Like other major decisions the company has made, they are approaching how they start showing ads within the Gmail app in a very careful way. 

Because Gmail is not likely to make these ads intrusive, they will not cause a problem for users. Since the ad is simply a part of the app that doesn’t interfere with its normal usage, people who are using the app to check their email on a regular basis may be quite willing to pay attention to a carefully crafted or witty ad.

People enjoy quick, convenient entertainment on their phones and tablets, so be sure to approach how you plan this sort of mobile marketing in a calculated way. This is a big monetization opportunity for Google, sure, but it is also is a chance for those who are targeting new customers via mobile marketing to reach more people than ever. 

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