Here are 5 Reasons You Need Pay Per Call

It’s far too easy to forget about that old landline your business relies on to speak with customers. In an age when digital marketers are increasingly told to focus on optimized websites, social media activity, and digital advertising, businesses continue to ignore the value of phone calls. Pay Per Call marketing campaigns are gaining traction and more attention among marketers because, plain and simple, customers need the option to call.

Interacting with consumers through lead forms, social media, live chats, and mobile apps are great options for fostering new leads, but when it comes to converting consumers from shoppers to buyers, nothing beats the real-time nature of a phone call. Here are five reasons why your customers need that option to call.

They Want Better Service

For all the efforts you pour into the online presence of your business, consumers still crave better service. There is only so much they can learn from your website copy and social media posts. Consumers are still going to have questions, even after reading all of that information, and the best way to get better service is by talking on the phone.

Phone Calls are Faster

Playing off that last point, your Pay Per Call marketing spreads your brand, and also puts your phone number right in front of consumers that need help now. Take online food ordering as a perfect example. While restaurant chains focus on mobile apps and online order forms, it isn’t a time-saver. Consumers have to log in, select all of their entrees and sides, preview their order, pay, and submit.

If they just picked up the phone and called to place an order, they’d be done with the process in a heartbeat. There is no denying that hitting that click-to-call button featured in your Pay Per Call campaign makes it easier and quicker for consumers to reach your business.

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They Need Immediate Service

If there was a leak in your home’s roof, are you going to fill out an online lead form with a local repair company and then sit around waiting for a phone call in return, or are you going to push that click-to-call button to speak? When customers need immediate service, they are always going to pick up the phone and call your business.

They’re Already on the Move

More than 60% of mobile searchers find click-to-call the most valuable feature in the purchase phase of their shopping experience. Consumers appear increasingly short on patience and time, and aren’t interested in driving all over town if the first stop didn’t produce a result. Rather than driving from store to store, they do a quick mobile search and call to verify a product is in stock.

Personalization and Customization

Last but not least, your website and social media accounts can never replace old-fashioned customer service. When people want to ask a question, verify an order, or customize their order (for high-volume purchases or big-ticket items, for example), the “contact us” form or “add to cart” option simply cannot replace speaking to someone directly.

If you aren’t taking advantage of Pay Per Call  to generate leads and offer your consumers an option for direct communication, you’re denying consumers the much-needed benefits of a phone call.

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