How You Can Benefit From a Better Landing Page

A landing page is your brand’s first opportunity to convert lookers interested in your product or service into buyers. Landing pages are an ideal place for content that offers a little extra information on your brand. You can advertise special promotions on specific products or services, and to elicit a connection between the brand and customers. A good landing page can result in higher conversion rates in your digital marketing campaign and deliver a variety of other benefits. Below, you’ll find five benefits of a landing page and some additional tips on designing a valuable landing page.

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Increase Conversions

Landing pages can help your visitors make decisions that lead them to take action. A landing page should provide a clear action for users to take and make it as swift as possible for them to do so. Much of the content on your landing page should be built around a strong call-to-action (CTA). If you build your landing page just right and use a powerful CTA, you’ll find your conversion rates increasing as a result.

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Support Business Goals

While your full website is there to provide information about the brand, products, and the ability to make purchases, landing pages can be used to support some of these and other business goals. Landing pages help you reach out to a new niche market with special sales, promote new products to customers, or even close more sales by providing detailed information on a specific product or service.

Build Brand Awareness

A well-built landing page can help build brand awareness among your target niche as well. Good landing pages use the same layout, style, fonts, and language as your broader digital marketing efforts, including content on blogs and your primary website. This benefits your business by establishing a consistent message and appearance for your content across any interaction point customers might encounter.

Increase Credibility

Landing pages are a useful tool in establishing the credibility of your brand at large and your product/service in particular. Landing pages are, as mentioned earlier, built for specific purposes. That can include building out a landing page with optimized content that facilitates the task of showcasing your brand’s credibility. If your product is revolutionary in a way that all others are not or there is a facet of your service that no other competitor offers, a landing page is a great place to showcase this advantage for your brand and it will build a sense of credibility among viewers.

Generate Useful Data

Finally, landing pages can provide you with a wealth of useful data that can be used to optimize your broader digital marketing campaigns. When linked to a campaign, piece of content, specific action, or even a specific source, you can see which channels and marketing campaigns are driving customers to your landing pages. You can use that tracking behavior to see which campaigns are successful in funneling customers to your landing pages and which ones need to be tweaked or deleted.

Quick Tips to a Strong Landing Page

Now you know how valuable landing pages are to your business, so what can you do about building a good landing page? Here are a handful of quick tips to keep in mind when designing a landing page:

  • Keep it clean and organized – too much information or clutter confusing the viewer and detracts from your CTA

  • Be minimalist – again, the fewer distractions the better, and you should also ensuring navigation is minimal and smooth

  • Broadcast value in the headline – tell people right away why they should be here

  • Be mobile friendly – 30% of web activity comes from mobile devices, so don’t overlook the mobile performance of your landing pages

  • Keep forms short – you don’t want customers to get frustrated filling out forms, so keep them short and don’t ask too much

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