How Marketers Can Take Advantage of Conversation Intelligence

Pay Per Call marketing strives to generate quality leads for your business. With the help of a Publisher, your business gets ads (and more importantly, its phone number) in front of the eyes of consumers that are looking to purchase your products or services. When customers do call in to ask questions, make a service appointment, or buy products, how much do you know about what is being said?

Unless you are personally recording and listening to every minute of every phone call, you likely don’t know much about the conversations taking place between your employees and your customers. Who are the customers calling in? What are the common questions asked? Most importantly, how many of those calls result in revenue for the business? With conversation intelligence and a reliable Publisher, your marketing scheme can benefit from each and every call.

Define the Quality of the Lead

Conversation intelligence can help your business identify the characteristics of qualified calls compared to unqualified calls. For example, examining the phone calls that result in orders or appointments, and differentiating those from calls to customer support. Identifying the difference can improve marketing and sales performance.

Optimize Future Marketing Campaigns

Perhaps the greatest benefit of conversation intelligence is the ability to optimize future marketing campaigns. Your company can identify where callers are seeing ads (paid search, displays, mobile, offline, etc.), and increase spending on marketing verticals that drive high-converting calls to the business and decrease spending on verticals that perform poorly.

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& How it Benefits Your Business

Tweak Sales Messages

Just because customers call your business does not mean the call is guaranteed to convert to revenue. Your employees utilize practiced sales scripts that provide customers with the knowledge and incentive needed to move from inquiry to purchase. With the help of conversation intelligence, your company can test new sales messages (or tweak current messages) to improve performance. Utilizing an old script and new script, you can compare which message is more successful at converting calls to revenue.

Monitor Competitors

No company conducts business in a vacuum. There is always going to be competition from other providers. Conversation intelligence helps your business monitor the competitors mentioned during conversations and identify the competing businesses that result in successful, and unsuccessful, calls. This allows your team to adjust its sales messaging to overcome those competitors that cost your business revenue.

How Conversation Intelligence Works

Conversation intelligence features from your Publisher can scan each conversation for spoken words and phrases that reveal key terms. You have the power to specify the terms and phrases you want the conversation intelligence to focus on, and use reports to improve your Pay Per Call marketing efforts.