How to Create a True Call to Action

The mobile marketplace is booming, so it’s more important than ever to know how to create a true call to action, or CTA, in your ads.

Click to Call is Growing

Pay per call is growing, largely because of the growth in mobile smartphone adoption and usage. This growth in mobile usage is increasing the amount of mobile searches on smartphones, but it’s also increasing traffic across all ad networks, including display ads on websites and mobile apps. So, it’s easy to forget that mobile click to call traffic is NOT the only driver of calls for pay per call campaigns. Pay per call has been around for a long time, starting out on radio, print, call centers, and television. Only recently has pay per call truly been a viable option for online marketing.

Motivate Users to Call

Most online marketers that are just getting started with pay per calldon’t realize that click to call isn’t the only option for motivating users to make a call. Don’t get me wrong, we love click to call and it’s a great way for users to easily connect to an advertiser’s call center. However, click to call may have caused publishers to forget how to create a true “call to action” and motivate the user to pick up the phone and start dialing.

Remove the Barriers to Calling

For traffic sources where click to call is NOT an option publishers need to get creative and provide a reason to pick up the phone and dial. Click to call removes the users barriers to calling, for example, reaching for a phone and dialing a phone number is a barrier users have to overcome in order to make a call. Sometimes this barrier is just enough for users NOT to take action. So, how can you motivate these users?

Try these true “Calls to Action”:

  • “Call Now for an Immediate Quote”
  • “Phone Only Deals Available”
  • “Save by Calling Today”
  • “Simple Over the Phone Approval”
  • “No Hassle Over the Phone Consultation”
  • “Don’t Wait. Get Answers by Calling Now!”

You Already Know This

Most marketers are already familiar with the principles and techniques used here – create urgency, sell the user, give them an action to take. So, the next time you’re creating a campaign, whether it’s pay per call or not, think about how you can motivate the user to take action. These tips will help to drive calls and may allow you to add pay per call to your current campaigns. Just remember that click to call is NOT the only way to deliver calls and with a little creativity and messaging you can get the phone to ring!

Pay Per Call Pro Tip:

Try creating a long, difficult to complete, and detailed form. Then give an “easy” option, like “call now”. A form that’s overwhelming and takes an investment of the user’s time should encourage them to choose the easier option, which is to call.

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