How to Create Better Content Using Social Listening

If you aren’t already familiar with it, social listening is a process in which brands track conversations regarding specific topics, keywords, phrases, and industries to gain better insight into consumer mood and behavior. Using social listening to your advantage can help your brand improve its content across various marketing verticals, including your Pay Per Call campaigns. Here are a few steps you can take to create better Pay Per Call content with the help of social listening.

Identify Relevant Topics

If you listen close enough, social media users will guide you to relevant topics that can help your brand create content that is more likely to be consumed. You can monitor specific items such as mentions of your brand, but you can also use social listening to decide which keywords are talked about/searched. Those keywords should, ideally, relate the problems your company solves and/or the mission of your product. Using that information, you can create articles, posts, and other consumable content focused on topics relevant to your consumers.

Track Headlines with “Viral” Potential

One of the primary goals of social content, and broader Pay Per Call content in general, is to create something shareable. The more people your content reaches, the better. In many cases, the best way to spread the word is on social media. With social listening you can monitor the content that’s proven the most popular among your social following and use that data to create headlines that have the potential to go viral among your followers.

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Read Feedback

It would be amazing if you created content for your marketing efforts that was perfect, but that’s rarely the case. If you want to improve upon the content you’re already creating, look to the feedback you receive on social media from your readers. In the case of social listening, this means tracking mentions of the brand, your blog, your website, and any other content. That reader feedback can help in tweaking content in the future that generates more comments, more engagement, and greater traffic for the brand.

Identify Where People Talk About You

Social listening focused on major social media like Twitter and Facebook is great, but you can miss out on some of the impact of your marketing if you narrow your focus. Social listening can be used to identify where people are talking about your brand, product, blog, and other marketing efforts. Using social listening to follow mentions and conversations involving your brand and industry across different networks allows you to create content that generates engagement across those different networks more effectively.

Learn from the Competition

Last but not least, social listening offers you another means of checking in on the competition. By tracking both the content wins and losses of your competition, you can learn how to incorporate some of those successful concepts into your Pay Per Call content, while also learning from the failed aspects of the competition’s content. Which keywords worked? What types of content failed/succeeded? Social listening provides you insight on the competition that can be used to improve upon your own content.

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