How to Create User-Friendly Lead Forms

Lead forms are an easy and effective way to bring new customers directly to you. Although it seems very easy to set up a form and forget about it, it is vital that you create a form that is both appealing and practical for users to fill and submit. A lead form that is not user-friendly can result in lower conversion rates and missed opportunities. These 6 tips will help you create engaging lead forms that can result in turning curious website visitors to customers.

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Keep it Clean and Simple

It is vital to keep your forms as straightforward as possible. Remove all information that is unnecessary including text, fields and images as well as using a simple and user-friendly design. This allows users to provide their information with less confusion and friction, often resulting in a higher conversion rate.

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Don’t Forget to Keep it Mobile Friendly

Website visits from mobile devices are continuously rising year after year. This makes it important to ensure your potential customers have a seamless experience from mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Google’s mobile-friendly web page tool puts your website to the test and allows you to see it from a mobile perspective. Make any adjustments necessary to make your page more appealing to mobile customers.

Only Ask for Vital Information

Privacy is an important topic these days. People are concerned about providing unnecessary information and can even lead to leaving your website without submitting the form. Only ask questions on information that you critically need, and ask for contact information that is vital for you to get in touch with them. Only having form fields that are needed can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Use Descriptions and Subtitles to Provide Context

If the visitor is at all confused by what information they have to provide, it can lead them to question your lead form and leave your site before they submit their information. Acknowledge why you ask for information that may be questionable from a consumer’s point of view, or answer any frequently asked questions with descriptions or subtitles for form fields.

Make an Obvious Call-to-Action

An enticing CTA at the end of a lead form is critical. A text-based CTA link can easily blend into the rest of your website, a button is preferred for being more eye-catching. Use size and color to make it stick out of it’s environment and raise more attention. The language you use on your CTA should also entice viewers. Using words that make it feel exclusive and motivating a little FOMO can increase your click-through rate.

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Acknowledge What Comes Next

An easy way to boost the conversion rate of your lead form is by letting the consumer know what comes after they press the submit button. Don’t leave any room for doubt after they submit the form. A simple prompt such as “Check your mailbox for a special offer” will allow them to know what the next step is and get them excited about it.

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