How to Effectively Use Pay Per Call Marketing for Your SMB

It’s hard not to get lost in the noise when it comes to deciding where to put advertising money. Pay Per Call is a way to stay competitive in a continuously evolving environment. The objective of Pay Per Call is to deliver quality over quantity, so that SMBs end up with sales-ready leads.

Why Pay Per Call is Important for SMBs

Pay Per Call allows you to give your customers another way to connect to your business. Think of it as bridging the gap between online and offline advertising. Businesses receive high-quality leads via online methods and can seal the deal with a  person-to-person conversation. Plus, consumers who are ready to pick up the phone are more likely to make a purchase. It just takes that human connection to convince them to buy.

Interested in keeping track of your success and cutting out the guesswork? Pay Per Call is easily measurable, allowing you to track each phone call. You can generate accurate reports on your campaign that will ensure you are maximizing your advertising budget.

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Be Ready

If you want to be successful with Pay Per Call, you have to be prepared and able. If you are sent 10 extra calls tomorrow, will your business be able to handle the volume? According to NewVoice, 25% of customers will hang up because they are fed up with being on hold. Businesses must  be prepared to serve callers with trained staff who are ready to answer in a professional manner and give customers the help they need when they call.

Make Sure You Can Close The Sale

Pay Per Call publishers can provide high-quality leads, but that doesn’t mean they will magically convert to sales. Make sure you and your staff are trained to make the sale or book an appointment. If you can’t close a deal or schedule appointments, then you may as well be pouring your Pay Per Call money down the drain.

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