How to Expand Your Audience Reach in Google Ads

It’s no mistake that millions of marketers and businesses around the globe use Google Ads to reach their audience. Data from 2017 shows that 44% of online advertising revenue is earned by Google and that Google Ads has the power to reach some 90% of internet users (2018). While you don’t need to reach every individual through Google Ads, it is important that you continue to work on expanding your audience to focus on current and potential customers. Here are a few steps you can take to expand your audience reach through Google Ads.

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Similar Audiences

This tool from Google Ads allows you to reach new customers by targeting audiences with similar characteristics to the customers your brand already engages online. You can use Similar Audiences as part of your existing remarketing campaigns to generate contact with high-value targets in a new audience. This tool requires less lead time because you are using data on existing target audiences to find new audiences to target through Google Ads.

Display Ads

As mentioned in the opening, Google’s display network reaches some 90% of internet users around the globe. This includes various websites, news pages, blogs, Gmail, and YouTube. With Display Ads, you can set a goal for your advertising (brand promotion vs. more leads), select the format you believe will best connect with new audiences (media-rich ads vs. text-based banners) and then connect with the right audience based upon their preferences (interests vs. affiliation).

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If you don’t want to setup new campaigns, the Observations tool in Google Ads allows you to skip the work of building a new campaign and monitoring its performance. Instead, you use Observations (previously Bid Only in Ad Words) to collect performance data on existing Display, Search, and Shopping campaigns. That information allows you to form the building blocks for reaching new audiences rather than focusing on a narrower segment with Targeting bids instead.

Life Events

Finally, Google offers Life Events as a tool for reaching new audiences. Life Events capitalizes on the changes in searching and purchasing habits during life milestones such as college graduation, the purchase of a first home, and marriage. This gives your brand the opportunity to connect with a new audience at a time when targets in that group are making purchasing decisions outside of their typical online behavior. Life Events tracks behavior across various devices and delivers real-time data based on recent search behavior to place ads for your brand in front of these new audience members.

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