How to Improve Brand Visibility with Offline Pay Per Call Marketing

When most companies think about marketing campaigns for the modern world, they get stuck in a digital frame of mind. Believe it or not, methods such as Pay Per Call are incredibly flexible and can be adapted for the modern online world, as well as the offline world. If you want to better connect your brand to your local community, consider some of the following methods of improving visibility with offline Pay Per Call marketing.

Direct Mailers

Painters, landscapers, lawn mowing services, and winter plow specialists all use direct mailers as a means of increasing brand visibility in their own community. This form of offline Pay Per Call marketing is incredibly easy to use and can help drive more calls, and generate more revenue for your business. The premise is simple. You develop postcard mailers with your business name, list of services, and key perks of using your business. You mail those out to residents in a service area you wish to work in, and ideally residents are going to call for a quote or onsite estimate.

You’ll know exactly where those leads are coming from, because ideally you’ll use a unique phone number that lets you know the mailer generated that call. In the future, you can adjust the layout, appearance, and information on your mailers to generate even more calls.

Phone Book Ads

Believe it or not, there was a time when you could actually let your “fingers do the walking” as you thumbed through the phone book. Most neighborhoods still have local phone books passed out. If you take advantage of this form of offline Pay Per Call marketing by purchasing ad space in the book, your business name, basic services, and phone number are highlighted on a particular page to attract attention and help you stand out in the crowd.

Traditional Media

Last but not least, if your budget allows for it you could invest in television and radio ads. These are the original forms of offline Pay Per Call marketing, and generate interest in a more proactive sense than direct mailers or ads in the phone book. You have a chance to actively promote your brand, and the space to prominently display (or announce) your phone number for consumers to call. In many senses, this is the most effective because you have more time to promote your product and go into a little more detail on your product or services.

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