How to Incorporate Mobile Marketing Into Social Media Strategies

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly dependent on mobile users to yield dividends. Mastering mobile can be a tricky can of worms for marketers of all abilities. As more and more people consume social media on their mobile devices, mobile integration becomes all the more important. Fortunately, it’s more than possible to adapt your social media strategies to mobile without breaking the bank. These 5 simple tips can significantly boost the effectiveness of your social media campaigns overnight.

Focus on Minimalist Designs & UIs

People don’t use mobile sites because of their stunning visuals and immersive environments. When it comes to mobile social media marketing, the name of the game is utilitarianism and brevity. Using responsive web design principles when creating websites and email templates will keep people from bailing out early. If followers can’t quickly and easily access your content, they’ll move on. If you need to hire a decent web designer to make this happen, then do so.

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Keep It Short and Sweet

Wooing mobile users via social media is an entirely different ball game than traditional marketing. You’ll need to focus on grabbing the attention of your audience in the shortest amount of time possible. Get right to the point and use your mobile marketing efforts to inform and persuade. Your more expansive content publications can be consumed later if users feel like it. Use web analytics to determine optimal lengths for emails, SMS messages and Tweets.

Hyper-Target Your Ads

Due to the constraints that the mobile web places on the time and attention of consumers, it’s critical that your advertising efforts be as focused as possible. Facebook’s Sponsored Stories can massively skyrocket conversion rates by allowing businesses to go after very specific niches. Likewise, Promoted Tweets allow companies to zero in on their ideal demographics and give them exactly what they’re looking for. Just be sure to split test your results to gauge effectiveness.

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Cross-Promote & Create Communities

In this day and age, it’s not enough to merely put out a mobile site or app. You need to make a conscious effort to create a diverse, integrated web of social media that makes sharing friction-less. You’d be wise to follow the example of North Face when building communities that are mobile-friendly. Make use of SMS and email marketing to attract followers that will enrich your virtual communities and turn them into attractive destinations.

Make Apps a Priority

Even though mobile browsers are fairly popular and have come a long way in recent years, apps are the preferred way to pursue mobile users. For instance, there are a slew of official Facebook Mobile Apps that can make your content easy to access on all mobile devices. Location-aware applications such as Foursquare and Yelp are a key piece of the puzzle. Alternatively, you can craft your own apps to more directly engage users.

The Bottom Line

As the social media marketing game gets more competitive, it’s incumbent on any business or brand to develop a well-planned strategy that’s flexible and forward-thinking. Much like IT support, social media marketing is often entrusted to experienced professionals who can achieve better outcomes and ROI. If mobile and social media marketing are over your head, it makes sense to outsource the nitty gritty to a professional social media manager who can get the job done.    

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