How to Produce More Conversions with Your Landing Pages for Service Based Businesses

Landing pages are a crucial contact point between any business and its base of potential customers. This is the page where consumers in need of a product or service are introduced to your brand, learn a little about a target product/service, and have an opportunity to connect with the business. That last part is the piece of the puzzle every business wants to improve upon. A well-designed landing page is crucial to boosting conversion rates.

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For example, Forbes notes that reducing the number of form fields can boost conversions by 120%. Further, slow page loads can result in a 7% reduction in conversions, while videos can increase conversion rates by 80%. Now, the key to producing more conversions with your landing pages is to tailor them to your brand and product. Service-based businesses have to meet unique customer needs. So, what can you do to generate more conversions from your service-based businesses landing pages?

Write a Great Headline

The headline of your landing page kicks off consumer interest, grabs their attention, and clearly tells them what service your brand offers. Your headline is going to determine whether a consumer stays on the page or leaves. A good headline grabs the reader’s attention, tells them exactly what your service can do for them, and is short. Landing page headlines shouldn’t exceed 20 words in total. If possible, keep it to 10.

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Use Images Effectively

Visual information is important on a landing page. The human brain can process an image 60,000 times faster than it can text. If someone has a pipe spilling water into their home, they don’t want to read 800 words about your service. Images that succinctly explain available services, coverage areas, and availability help the consumer get the answers they want faster. Good pictures are large, high-quality images that grab the viewer’s attention and demonstrate the relevance of your service to their needs.

Be Clear About What You Offer

While your headline will hint at the type of service you offer and an image can help further define it, you will need some text on your landing page to further explain how your service meets the needs of visitors better than the competition. Using small blocks of text, succinctly tell visitors how your service can meet their needs with benefit-oriented content. Are you the only 24/7/365 plumber in the area? Are you the only auto repair shop that can work on diesel engines? Make sure your content is clear in explaining the benefits to the consumer of the service you offer.

Make Your CTA Prominent

Whatever type of call to action you use on your landing page, it is essential that it be the most prominent item on the page. If visitors have to search for the “contact us” button, can’t find a lead form, or don’t see your phone number, all of your efforts are wasted at this point. The CTA should stand out visually with clear text. Use contrasting colors for the CTA to help draw the visitor’s eye to it.

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Add a Click-to-Call Button

To that end, when it comes to your CTA consider using a click-to-call button. Most consumers now search on mobile devices and click-to-call buttons offer the best chance at a quick conversion, especially in a service-based industry. If someone is locked out of their car or home in the dead of winter, they’re not going to fill out a lead form no matter how short it is. Make your click-to-call button prominent and consumers are more likely to call your business to schedule service.

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