How to Provide Easier Connections via Pay Per Call

As a small-business owner, you’ve heard the drumbeat for a while now in support of Pay Per Call marketing. However, if you’re struggling to figure out how best to adapt Pay Per Call strategies for your marketing campaigns and your specific business, you might be wavering on your dedication to the approach. Don’t give up yet! Pay Per Call is an extremely effective tool for generating leads and converting shoppers into paying customers. In this blog, we offer a few ideas that make it easier for prospects to connect to your business via a phone call.

Be Direct

Landing pages are a critical tool in any marketing strategy, and that includes Pay Per Call. When customer search for your business and click your link, the landing page they arrive on has your business contact info. Why not make it easier and include your business phone number in the text of your ad. With call-only campaigns, this is as simple as a clickable link that allows mobile searchers to see your ad and call your company in a heartbeat.

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Be Local

Although there is good value to be gained from using creative numbers in your Pay Per Call marketing schemes, such as 1-800-MovingCo (for a residential moving company), local numbers tend to convert better than 1-800 numbers. For a small business, this is particularly important because it reinforces in the minds of consumers that your company has a local footprint and understands the needs of people in the local community.

Optimize the Call Experience

The greatest source of frustration for consumers calling in to your business is dealing with a machine or long wait times. If you use automated answer systems, trim them down as much as possible so that users aren’t punching a bunch of buttons to (hopefully) be routed to the correct extension. Additionally, reduce the wait time for people on hold to make your customers feel appreciated. There’s a big difference between accepting that company is busy, and feeling ignored altogether.

Schedule Ads

This seems simple, but avoid scheduling your ads to appear at times when there is no one in the office to answer the phone. If consumers can search for your business but find your easy-to-click number at a time when no one is there to answer, they’re not going to wait for you to open the next day. They are going to keep searching till they find the business that is visible and open.

These might seem like simple steps, but they can make all the difference in the world when it comes to enabling easy connections between your small business and the consumers that drive its success.

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