How to Use Landing Pages to Promote Your Business

Brands and marketers are often told to ensure that any digital marketing campaign, including Pay Per Call, makes use of landing pages. However, not everyone is likely familiar with how to use those landing pages to the benefit of advertising and marketing efforts. For those companies looking to improve upon the current use of landing pages, the following blog post breaks down what landing pages really are and how to use them to promote a business.

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What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is not a part of a brand’s typical website. Instead, a landing page is a standalone web page that is created to meet a specific purpose. In the case of Pay Per Call campaigns, a landing page is designed to market a particular service or product and encourage customers to call the number on that page to learn more, set an appointment or even complete a purchase. A well-designed landing page should have a singular focus: a Call to Action (CTA).

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How to Create Quality Landing Pages

Designing an effective landing page is vital to the success of any digital marketing campaign. The best keywords and greatest products cannot overcome a failure of branding and marketing. Good landing pages grab attention and compel viewers to follow the CTA on the page to complete a conversion. So, how can brands create quality landing pages that achieve this goal?

First and foremost, ensure that the design of the landing page is clean and organized. Because the singular goal is to get consumers to convert, there’s no room for fluff and useless extras in the content and design. The look, feel, and overall structure of the landing page should be simple, easy to scan, and clear in its message. Again, landing pages are intended to deliver a CTA. If consumers aren’t clear on what that is, the landing page isn’t doing its job. Here are a few other tips to help create a quality landing page:

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  • Be Minimalist: Provide only the information consumers need and avoid pop-ups that distract the eye from the CTA.

  • Offer Value Immediately: Use the header portion of the landing page to promote the value of the offer included right up front. Don’t make consumers look for the offer. Put it in front of their eyes.

  • Use Trust Signals: Testimonials, endorsements, and reviews show possible customers that the offer has proven value. One example comes in the form of images and text that showcase coverage the offer has received from trusted media outlets or review sites.

  • Stay Mobile Friendly: Landing pages should be easy to navigate on mobile devices. More than half of web traffic today comes from mobile devices, so mobile-friendly designs are important. Further, mobile-friendly designs benefit Pay Per Call campaigns by making navigation easier and providing quicker access to the brand with click-to-call buttons.

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How Landing Pages can Promote a Business

Landing pages can deliver a lot of positive results for any brand. First and foremost, the inclusion of submission forms enables brands to use landing pages to gather information on a target audience so future content can be tailored to their needs and interests. Additionally, landing pages create a positive user experience for customers by providing streamlined, relevant information for both new and existing users. Landing pages offer a lot of benefits, a brand need only follow these steps to ideally integrate them into digital marketing efforts.

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