How to shrink your Cost Per Acquisition

There are many marketing metrics that allow you to indicate the success of your campaigns. But CPA, also known as Cost Per Acquisition, allows you to see how effective your marketing strategy really is, and your return on investment. A simple way to optimize your marketing budget is to lower your CPA. This means making small adjustments to your marketing approach that can save you lots. The following 4 tips will help you achieve just that.

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Don’t Skip Keywords Research

Keywords are arguably one of the most important factors to any digital marketing approach. This makes it important for marketers to spend time researching terms consumers are using as they can often be too vague, too specific or completely wrong from only predicting them. Gain more attention to your brand by exploring a mix of specific, long-tail and similar keywords to draw a bigger target audience.

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Write Quality Ad Copy

Even if you have the best keyword bids, if you don’t have compelling ad copy you will not get the results you were hoping for. This is a great opportunity to show potential consumers that you offer exactly what they are searching for and can solve their problem. It is vital that your ad copy aligns with your messaging and evolve along with your advertising campaigns. A useful technique is to focus on the benefits of what you offer, and implement a little fear of what they will be missing out if they decide to skip visiting your website.

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Optimize Landing Pages

More consumers are not instantly making a purchase once they see an ad, they are doing research to make sure you have exactly what they are looking for. Landing pages are often the first thing potential costumers will see when clicking on an ad. Consumers on average spend less than 15 seconds on a website before deciding to move on. This makes it vital to have eye catching landing pages while providing essential information.

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Take Advantage of Remarketing Campaigns

Did you know that only 2-4% of website visits result in a customer making a purchase? Remarketing campaigns allow you to catch the eye of consumers who have already looked at your website or or mobile app. This gives you the ability to stay connected with potential customers while building brand awareness. There are many ways you can deploy remarketing campaigns, ranging from sending an email prompts to registered customers to social media ads promoting products they were browsing on your website. This is your second chance to convert a curious looker to a regular customer.

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