How to Use Google Adwords’ Quality Score

Whether you’re a season professional, or new to Google Adwords, it’s likely you have heard of Quality Score. Quality Score is a crucial component to managing your Google Ads and ensuring they are performing at their best. With it being such an important part of your Adwords account, you surely want to make sure you have the highest score possible.

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is essentially, Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and Pay Per Click ads. It’s used to determine your Cost Per Click (CPC), and is a major factor in where your ad will rank in the auction process. Think, high quality score plus max CPC bid, equals your bid receiving the best position.

How is Quality Score determined?

How your quality score is calculated hasn’t been fully revealed to anyone outside of Google. However, what we do know is: the click-through rate (CTR) is a major component of the algorithm. The CTR is dependent on how many people see your ads and click it. As more people click on your ad, your click-through rate will go up, but a high CTR isn’t always the best! If your visitors aren’t converting, you’re paying for clicks without seeing an ROI. To make sure this doesn’t occur, choose relevant keywords; both positive and negative, to have your ad show up in optimal search queries. Your CTR is a good indication to Google on how pertinent your ads are to the users. Overall, an ad with a higher CTR, will have a lower cost per click, and a better CTR will increase your Quality Score.

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What does your Quality Score mean?

Google rates Quality Score out of 10. So, if you receive anything 5 or under, your ad’s quality is low and will not be shown in the search results. This means, you need to change your ad accordingly to receive a high Quality Score for it to show in the appropriate search. If you receive a Quality Score of equal or greater than five, your ad is good quality, but can be improved further. Essentially, you want your ad to be within the top three placements. Anything less than the top three, your ad won’t show on the first page. Having an ad show up on the second or third page, is not ideal for any Adwords User because let’s be real – who actually looks beyond the first page of google?

How to Increase Your Quality Score

Having a high Quality Score is the key to running Google Adwords. If you are dealing with a popular industry, it may be a bit harder and costly to run Google Adwords. To achieve a high Quality Score, make sure you pay close attention to your CTR, relevance of your keywords, use negative keywords, the quality of your landing page, relevance of your ad text, and the history of your Adwords account performance. If all of these factors are taken into consideration, you can rest assure, your ads will be performing at their best.

So, in the end, when it comes to Quality Score, you just need to remember to keep your score high! If both your Quality Score and CPC bid is high, your ad will be ranking at it’s best potential. The best combinations come from Ads with high Quality Scores and max CPC bids. And P.S., max bids don’t always win – Quality Score is a key for your ads doing well!

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