Important Open Enrollment Keywords and Best Practices

Keywords remain an important factor in effective marketing. This is particularly applicable to health insurance brands during the open enrollment period. Effective November 1st to December 15th annually, the open enrollment period leads to a significant uptick in health insurance shopping. This time is important for Americans as they look for new first-time plans or seek to switch away from expensive insurance plans. The key to capturing the attention of consumers shopping for health insurance is the inclusion of important open enrollment keywords. You want to make sure your content appears in searches and reaches consumers actively shopping for plans. Below you will find insight on important keywords to include and two best practices for your open enrollment marketing plan.

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Viable Open Enrollment Keywords

If you audit your existing marketing content, landing pages, and blogs, you are bound to find that you are using common keywords such as “health insurance,” “insurance plans,” and “private health insurance”. However, the content you use during your open enrollment marketing can be further enhanced to ensure that your content moves up the list on SERPs with focused keywords.

Your marketing materials, landing pages, and blog content should include some of the following keywords:

  • Open enrollment – this is a basic keyword to use during this period and one that is too important to overlook

  • Open enrollment health insurance – using this keyword can help further optimize your content for the enrollment period

  • Obamacare – the colloquial term for the Affordable Care Act, this is also a valuable term and one that searchers commonly use

  • Employee benefits – companies that provide health insurance for small businesses might want to include this term in content during the open enrollment period as business owners have the chance to change coverage for employees

You may have to pay more to get traction with these keywords, but the volume of calls and the number of Americans seeking coverage under the Affordable Care Act is very high. This is mainly due to the limited period of time in which consumers can actually purchase new coverage.

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Don’t Forget Negative Keywords

It is also a good idea to work with negative keywords when optimizing your content for open enrollment. While you certainly want to focus on integrating the keywords mentioned above, you also want to be sure that your marketing plan during the open enrollment period is focused exclusively on health insurance. If your brand sells various types of insurance, you want to use negative keywords to ensure that you aren’t paying for impressions and clicks related to other insurance topics such as “auto insurance,” “life insurance,” or “home insurance.” Negative keyword lists will ensure your brand doesn’t appear in these types of searches.

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Two Best Practices for Open Enrollment Marketing

Now that you have an idea of the keywords you want to focus on during this period, it’s time to put them into action. There are two best practices you can follow at this time using these new keywords:

  • Blog about open enrollment topics – use those keywords within blog posts that speak to specific issues that tend to plague consumers during the open enrollment period

  • Optimize lead forms – lead form websites are designed to generate a specific action from consumers and if you integrate these keywords into simple, well-designed lead forms you can boost call volume and interaction with your brand

The open enrollment period lasts roughly six weeks each year. It is a period of high traffic volume and increased conversions for companies. Integrating these keywords and best practices into your marketing strategy during this period will boost your visibility, increase engagement, and help generate better conversions.

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